Beirut is an ancient Phoenician port on the Mediterranean Sea which is nowadays the capital city of the Lebanon.

It is a busy shipping and mercantile centre and is noted for the production of Silk, Wool, and Fruit.

There are four Universities there.

A yogi from far-off Beirut
for women did not care a hoot,
But his organ would stand
In a manner quite grand
When a snake-charmer played on his flute.


E2 limerick Nodering
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Beirut is a drinking game commonly combined with alcoholic substances. The game is often confused with beer pong (which requires the use of ping pong paddles), but Beirut is far different from beer pong.

Purpose: the purpose of Beirut is to force the opposing team to drink all of their cups by throwing a ping pong ball into their cups.

Materials: 8 foot long level playing surface, sleeve of ping pong balls, 9 oz. plastic drinking cups.

Rules: depending on where you play, the rules of Beirut are vastly different; however, the general rules are the same.
  • Players create a triangle with 6 9oz. cups in the back row and fill the cups evenly with 5 12oz. beverages (usually beer).
  • Three players per side.
  • The side with the least amount of balls starts off. Ie: side A has 1; side B has 2; then side A throws one ball and then side B throws all three.
  • Balls are thrown so that they land in another teams cup. When this happens that team must drink whatever was in that cup and then replace the cup after drinking it.
  • If a ball lands in an empty cup, then the person who shot must drink one of his/her own cups.
  • Players clean up cups whenever a new triangle can be formed. Ie: when 6 cups have been hit then a triangle with a base of 5 cups is created.
  • When a player makes the last cup, the opposing team is allowed three shots in order to hit the other teams last cup(s). If the opposing team does not hit the rest of the cups, then that team must drink the remainder of the cups on the table. On the other hand, if the opposing team makes the last cup on the other side, the game goes into overtime.
  • Overtime is played with a triangle of base 2 (3 cups total) and continues in the same fashion.
  • Finally, the winners of the game are allowed to stay at the table whereas the players of the other team must leave if another group wishes to challenge the winners.

History: Beirut has been played since the late 1800’s (according to and has been most actively played at Lehigh University as every fraternity has a different set of rules. Currently, Lehigh University also holds the record for the largest Beirut game ever with over 1,100 total cups! (

Enjoy and Drink Responsibly!

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