A small apartment on a peaceful street.

"Hey Bert, are you awake?"
"Bert? Bert? Bert!"
"Do you ever think about why we're here Bert? Why they made us?"
"It's to help kids learn Ernie, we've been over this before."
"Then why are they canceling the show Bert? What will happen to all the kids?"
"I, I don't know Ernie. I don't know."
"Bert? I'm scared Bert."
"I know Ernie. Me too."
"Bert, can you hold me? Just this once, for old times sake."
"Sure, Ernie, sure."
"Uh Bert?"
"Yeah Ernie?"
"We're not wearing any pants."
"It's okay Ernie. We don't have anything to wear pants on."

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 0.

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