A political lobby group based in the United States, largely a coalition of fundamentalists and cultural conservatives to influence US legislation. Very influential within the Republican Party. Lately, their contribution to political discourse has been "family values", a euphemism for patriarchy, banning safe and legal abortion, censorship, against the separation of church and state, for the elimination of social benefits, and for the elimination of arts funding.

I know a number of Christians, and the vast majority of them have very little in common with the Christian Coalition. Most of them realize that the CC's values have nothing to do with Christianity, owing more allegiance to the more authoritarian and intolerant wing of the far right. Many perfectly nice Christians have been unfairly tarred as Nazi fundamentalists because of the CC's evil influence.

A highly-charged politically right Congressional lobby which professes to speak on behalf of American Christians everywhere. Too many Americans confuse the Christian Coalition with Christianity, despite the fact that church and state are constitutionally separate in this country. In reality they're just another lobby looking out for its own interests, not unlike the petroleum or tobacco lobbies already well-established in the Capitol.

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