You saw ernie and bert on sesame street everyday, but did you ever question why they were there? Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird all represent our childhood habits. Cookie Monster shows greed (and food), Elmo shows the perfect little child, enjoying life as it comes and Big Bird shows the kind hearted jock you see everyday in real life. But ernie and bert, why them? What is their significance?

Ernie and Bert are perfect examples of individuality. Wearing '70s clothes, using weird lingo, and Bert's obscene fascination for pigeons, they are bound to be ripped to pieces in the real world. In todays world, being individual is 'lame' or 'uncool'. Why? People hate change. Would you hang around your friends in a striped t-shirt with a half-afro? Would you admit that you find pigeons stimulating, and trying to start a conversation with one is your goal? Do you live alone with another male in your apartment, and not have girlfriends? Do you still take 'rubber ducky' to the bath? You would be a serious outcast, and would regularly be beaten up. This should change. Cast your mind back to 20 or 30 years ago. Obscene things like mullets and farmer clothes were in fashion. Were the people worried about what other people thought about them? NO! This is what makes Ernie and Bert so special. You saw them and passed them off as another attempt to appeal to kids. This is so untrue! Ernie and Bert are special people, who spread the basic message:

Dont be afraid to be different.

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