A dutch game show. Contestants are to guess a five-letter word. They are given the first letter of the word, and get five turns to get it right.

They are told if the letters in the words the guess are the right ones and in the right place, the right ones in the wrong place, or just dead wrong.

When they have guessed a word, they get to grab balls with numbers on them. They have a board with, I think, 25 odd or even numbers on them. Random numbers have been blanked already. When they "connect 5", they have "Lingo". They score points by doing this (read: money).

The winner goes to the finals, where they are given two letters for each word, and they have to avoid getting "Lingo" at all costs. Each time they get a word, right the amount of money they win is doubled. If they get it wrong, they have to pull out a lot of balls, possibly resulting in "Lingo".

Lin"go (?), n. [L. lingua tongue, language. See Lingual.]

Language; speech; dialect.



© Webster 1913.

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