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Chapter IV - Parental Insults

Parents have been the source of many hours of insulting fun since my ancestors were fucking your ancestors' mothers up the ass. This, of course, is the lowest form of insult, and requires no special preparation. The ground is always right for it. An example ensues:

  Johnny: "Hey, Jason, can I borrow your pencil?"
  Jason: "No way, Johnny."
  Johnny: "But why, Jason?"
  Jason: "Because your mother is a slut."

Of course, more often, the ground must be prepared to allow the viciousness of the insult to be felt. And not only must the fruit be ripe for plucking, it is better yet when the victim is unaware of the forthcoming attack. And what better example to illustrate this than from our favourite poet and playwright William Shakespeare:

  Julius Caesar: "Et tu, Brute?"
  Brutus: "That's exactly what your sister said last night."
Enough about your mother, let's move on to a totally different topic: intelligence insults.

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