As we all know, dog is the other white meat and while I still love German Shepherd Dogs and Golden Retrievers there is no denying that dogs are just another delicious animal, just ask my pinoy or Korean buddies.

We will need:

What the hell is the rice sack and whacking stick for? you might ask. Well, as you know, dogs can not be legally raised for meat and more often than not, dog feasts are made possible by people who donate dogs, usually because it has bitten somebody, or by people who steal dogs and eat them. Needless to say, the dogs are usually uncooperative when surrounded by big ugly men who seem to want to pet them more than usual. This is where the sack and whacking stick comes in.

Come here boy. . .{{WHACK!}} {{whimper}} {{thud}}

One must note that care must be taken to not actually kill the dog, if that is at all possible.

In .ph the locals jokingly refer to a meal with dog meat as "Azucena", totally unrelated with the real word, and which probably sprang from "aso", meaning dog, and "Merienda Cena" meaning an afternoon snack.

On with the show we go.

Some people prefer to starve the dog first and make it drink vinegar to cleanse out the intestines, but this is optional. The half knocked out dog is taken out of the sack and a rope is tied around its muzzle, it is then held upside down over the blood pan. A sharp razor or chef's knife is used to slit the throat and drain out all the blood, this is the reason the dog has to be alive, too much blood left in the meat will make it taste bad. The ice pick is then used to pith the dog to end its suffering. When there is no more blood left the dog is taken down and razed with the blow torch to get rid of as much hair as you can. What stubble is left can be shaved off.

We now have the dog hairless and bloodless. We now use our trusty cleaver to split the abdomen and rib cage. All internal organs are then removed and separated, care must be taken not to puncture or rupture the gall bladder as this will make the meat bitter. The intestines, kidneys and heart can be used to make Bopis. Bury everything else in the ground.

Dog's heads, unlike pig's heads, are usually not eaten as there is not much to eat anyway, so we can decapitate the head at this stage. Rinse the inside of the carcass with clean water and cut the carcass into appropriate parts, pretty much as you would a pig. Using the cleaver, seperate the ribs, the rump, and belly. You also don't want to eat the feet as dog feet is just thick padding and mostly tough and tasteless, cut it off.

We now have the dog clean and cut into different portions, the dog meat is now ready to be cooked.

The most common recipe is "Kalderatang Aso" which is very similar to "Kalderetang Kambing", "Kambing" is goat, except that dog meat is used.

So you see, even in the Philippines, the dog is truly man's best friend.

The idea that dog meat makes one feverish is just a myth, the people who eat dogs usually drink copious amounts of San Miguel Beer, Tanduay, or Ginebra along with it and that is what makes them feel hot. There is also a myth that once you have eaten dog meat, you will be then barked at by any dog that you might encounter in your lifetime.

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