Touted as "the no.1 Rhum" by its maker, Tanduay Distillers, Inc., it is a premium Philippine made rum and comes in four different varieties, all rated 80 proof or having 40% alcohol. The most popular is the amber colored Tanduay Rhum Gold 5 years old. There also is a Silver and Dark version as well as an export packaged version, the export package version tastes just like the Tanduay Rhum Gold but comes in a flask like bottle and has its own box.

Because of its cheap price and easy availability it is shunned by some snooty locals who see it as just another "poor man's drink". While it is true that most Hoboes are quite fond of this affordable drink, Tanduay Rhum is a very high quality product and has won many international distillery awards. I would say that it is right up there with Bacardi.

Like most quality Dark Rums, it is perfect on the rocks, tempered with spring water, or with Cola.

A local myth that has been circulating ever since I can remember is that Tanduay Rhum is synthetic and will turn into plastic once ingested. This probably came from some person's observation that spilled Dark Rum would dry up and form a film like goo. Which is of course because of the relatively high sugar content in hum which is made from Sugarcane. Other brands of Rum that are mde in .ph are Anejo Rum 65 and Bravo Rum.

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