Also a strange energy substance for outdoor folk who believe that complex carbohyrates and water do food make. Avoid the vanilla at all costs. Also avoid Banana. they look, like, um, you know. the chocolate is a lot like drinking straight Hershey's syrup. It comes in these little packets, kind of like Icing in a tube and Yogurt in a tube. You can also get a master Goo container and refill your own little flask. Whoever came up with this is a genius, but the texture leaves something to be desired.

1. (Noun). A viscid or sticky substance. Ooze, Sludge, Slime, Gunk.

2. sickly or cloying sentimentality.

3. A traditional sound for a baby to make.

4. An acronym for Generic Object Orientator, "a dynamic, type-based, object-oriented language in the same family as Dylan and Scheme". (See for more).

5. chiefly Scot: A strong taste. A disagreeable smell. The Scotts also use goo to mean a liking or preference.

6. {by shortening & alter. fr. gaspergou}:
Fresh-Water Drum

7. In science fiction (and science speculation) goo refers to a mass of self-replicating nanobots. They could be good nanobots that would do stuff for us, or bad ones that would replicate until they destroyed all life on Earth. Non self-replicating nanobots are sometimes referred to as Paste. Different types of goo are identified by color (although they need not actually be the color they are named by).

  • Gray Goo refers to a gooey substance containing self-replicating nanobots that could get out of control and eat all biological matter on the planet. See Black Goo and Gold Goo for other disaster scenarios.
  • Blue goo is goo that would attack the Grey Goo, or do other useful things, like clean up the environment, fix the ozone, etc.
  • Green Goo is basically the same idea as Grey Goo, but it's made from viruses (the biological sort).
  • Khaki Goo is goo used for military purposes.
  • Red Goo is bad nano-goo, what we would call the enemy's Khaki Goo.
  • Medical Goo, obviously, is goo used for medical purposes.
  • Pink Goo is humans. That's right, I mean you. While humans aren't technically nanobots, they are self-replicating, and present a very real risk to life on the planet Earth.

The Goo

Usage: "I have The Goo" or "hhhmmm, The Goo..."

Defn: 'The Goo' is the is the name given to the thought; 'hhmmmm, I would not mind an auld drink now', usually accompanied by a slight wetting of the lips and even at times a rubbing/wringing of the hands. It can be, but by no means has to be, accompanied by the thought '...perhaps a few nice Pints of Guinness...'

The Goo can be experienced by anyone, it is not exclusive to the heavy drinker club (although Goo regularity certainly increases with increased consumption).

BEWARE The Goo can be very insidious, it loves to sneak up on you when you are least expecting it, always be on the look out for it. It starts with a feeling that there is something amiss, perhaps a slight feeling of discomfort, you might be just about to finish work and you get this nagging feeling that there is something you have to do - THIS IS THE APPROACH OF THE GOO. You could just be sitting there at about 5:30, fiddling with your mouse and then BOOM the thought hits you....'hhmmmm, I would not mind an auld drink now' - your fate is now sealed, The Goo has landed.

What to do with The Goo?

You have two choices:

Embrace The Goo - Call your friends, inform them that you have The Goo (see Usage above), if they are really your friends they will have a nice Pint of Guinness waiting for you on your arrival in the Pub. If they do not then they are just evil imposters and should be killed - immediately.

Fight The Goo - It is not always advisable to Embrace The Goo, there are times when The Goo must be defeated (pressing appointments - dinner with the spouse, AA meetings, E2 write-ups to do etc). To do this it is imperitave you realise you are in the clutches of The Goo. Once Goo status has been confirmed the battle may commence. If The Goo in not too bad, it is possible through sheer strength of will to resist it. However for severe cases of The Goo try using Guilt/Fear, the Husband/Wife will kill me, poor little Timmy will be so disappointed etc. Last resort: try aversion therapy: think of drink - stick pin in eye, think of drink - stick pin in eye.

The Goo is out there, wiating for you to drop your guard - the greatest thing The Goo ever did was convince you it does not Exist.

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