Mote (?), v.

See 1st Mot.




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Mote, n. [See Moot, a meeting.] [Obs., except in a few combinations or phrases.]


A meeting of persons for discussion; as, a wardmote in the city of London.


A body of persons who meet for discussion, esp. about the management of affairs; as, a folkmote.


A place of meeting for discussion.

Mote bell, the bell rung to summon to a mote. [Obs.]


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Mote, n.

The flourish sounded on a horn by a huntsman. See Mot, n., 3, and Mort.



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Mote, n. [OE. mot, AS. mot.]

A small particle, as of floating dust; anything proverbially small; a speck.

The little motes in the sun do ever stir, though there be no wind. Bacon.

We are motes in the midst of generations. Landor.


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