A device used to transform the noble clove (or section thereof) of garlic into a sticky, pungent paste.

Consisting of two handles with a basket or cup, and hinged so that one handle swings around to touch the other, this is a feat of simple engineering.

Place a clove of garlic in the cup so that it sits against the grid of squares or circles at the apex of one handle. Then swing the other handle so that the garlic is trapped between the grid and the smashing block. A firm squeeze will render the majority of garlic into an aromatic, fibrous goo, pushed out through the grid.

The only remaining question is how to deal with the straggler bits of garlic which remain in the press. These lucky souls eluded the grid on the first pass, and some weak-willed individuals may wish to grant them their freedom. Steel yourself against such wretched behavior! Instead, scrape the remnants directly over the grid, then swing the handle over and squeeze again, turning the rebels into paste like unto their brethren.

Any garlic still present in the cup will most likely be smashed too flat to be any fun in a third round of "Crush the Vegetable Matter". You can retrieve these paper-thin bits with a small spoon, your finger or simply wash them down the drain. Know that choosing this last option will cruelly deny the abused garlic its raison d'être.

You bastard.

I've crushed as many garlic presses as garlic cloves over the past few years, so my advice is:

  • Never buy a plastic garlic press. This was certainly the most worthless kitchen utensil I've ever bought, since the grate already broke on the first clove.
  • Never buy a garlic press that looks cheap. That hinge looks like it is going to fail? It will.
  • Never buy a garlic press that looks fancy. I bought an Oxo Good Grips with a fancy handle and built in cleaning mechanism. Of course this one also failed at the hinge. Seems to be the pivot point in all garlic presses.
  • Buy one that has a straightforward design and looks sturdy. Zyliss makes a good one. Yeah they make good cuckoo clocks, watches and garlic presses in Switzerland


Peel the garlic clove. Use the blade of a knife and press the clove on a cutting board.

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