A grid is a regularly repeating pattern of lines separating some shape or an entire plane into small cells. The most common grid is a square grid in which 2 sets of equally-spaced parallel lines are perpendicular to each other. You can also have triangular grids, hexagonal grids, polar grids (which have a set of concentric circles and a number of lines passing through their common center), etc.

Often, grids are marked with coordinates.

In 1982 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) called the syndrome now known as AIDS GRID for gay-related immune deficiency. The name GRID was changed to sexually-neutral AIDS later that year, after CDC staffers accepted that other groups such as hemophiliacs regularly receiving blood transfusions were at risk.

The Grid is the name given to the next generation of internet being developed at the European Centre for Particle Physics. (CERN)

The Grid proposes to move massive amounts of data between distibuted users in the form of petabytes, ie. a million gigabytes, through highly advanced fibre optic and wireless networks.

CERN is the body through which the HTTP protocol was invented by Tim Berners-Lee.

Each member state involved in CERN, through investing or research, will benefit greatly from The Grid, and member states who choose not to be a part of it will lose out greatly in the benefits it promises.

CERN member states are automatically allocated support for research and development of products for The Grid over non member states.

This could greatly affect economies of third world countries who cannot afford to participate. At the time of writing, Ireland is the only western nation currently not a member of CERN. There is much debate within the government as to the benefits of CERN membership, and has sent ripples through the IT and scientific community here.

The grid is the supporting structure for a theatrical rigging system and its many components. It is usually steel but can also be made of wood. The grid is generally found at the top of the flyhouse. When designing for any stage space it is important to consider the grid height in your designs as this indcates the maximum height off of the stage deck which any piece of scenery can be flown.

Ideally, the grid is easily accessible and there is enough space between the top of the grid and the roof of the flyhouse for one to walk on top of the grid. This allows for the rigger to easily inspect the grid and all of the loft blocks mounted on it for damage or wear. This is not the job for someone who has a fear of heights, however.

Part of the Stage Rigging Metanode

Grid (?), n.

A grating of thin parallel bars, similar to a gridiron.


© Webster 1913

Grid, n. (Elec.)

A plate or sheet of lead with perforations, or other irregularities of surface, by which the active material of a secondary battery or accumulator is supported.


© Webster 1913

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