Island off the western coast of Europe, in the British Isles, or one of the countries on it (which is also known as the Republic of Ireland). The Republic is largely Catholic; the small northeastern corner (Northern Ireland), which is part of the United Kingdom, has a slight Protestant majority. All the island was ruled by the monarch of England for centuries, until 1921.

The island of Ireland was historically split into five provinces, or fifths ("cúige" in Irish). These were:

Tara, the seat of the ancient kings and what have you, was in the centre of the island, but has now been subsumed by the other provinces, so Ireland only has four provinces. Six counties of Ulster form Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, while the remaining three counties of Ulster, along with the other three provinces, form the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland Metanode v0.2

One of my projects is to node a bunch of stuff about Ireland, on account of it being where I'm from and all. In that spirit, this is a metanode gathering together nodes by myself and others related to Ireland. This first version will be a simple list, I will structure it under sub-headings at a later date.


  1. At the moment this list is non-selective. Some of these nodes might be duds. Please let me know if I've included anything that is just nonsense.
  2. And of course, let me know if there are any Ireland-related nodes I've missed.
  3. I've tried not to repeat nodes that are already included under Irish History.

The Nodes

Thanks to bozon and spiregrain

Ireland: Gaelic "Éire"

lit. "Fertile Land":

Iras OE "Irish," from Ir. "Éire" > OI "Éiriu" (dat. "Érinn") > Celtic "Îwer-iû" (Gr. "Ivernia," L. "Hibernia") > IE *pî-wer- "fat, fertile," > peie

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