Wireless, meaning (obviously enough) without wires, usually refers to a method of communication that does not involve a cable-based link. Wireless transmissions are usually either narrow-beam or broadcast, depending on the level of security and complexity desired. Wireless communication usually works via waves, either sound (technically, talking to someone is wireless communication), or electromagnetic (e.g. infrared, radio waves, microwave communication, laser communication).

Most wireless systems involve a modulation scheme being used to transform an input signal into something that suits the waves being used. While modulation is also used in cable-based networks, in a wireless communication it is often vital, as the innate waveforms within a signal often have a very low frequency by comparison to the ideal carrier wave.

Electromagnetic wireless systems, while often referred to as being transmitted over the air, do not require the presence of air.

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Wire"less, a.

Having no wire; specif. (Elec.),

designating, or pertaining to, a method of telegraphy, telephony, etc., in which the messages, etc., are transmitted through space by electric waves; as, a wireless message. --
Wireless telegraphy or telegraph (Elec.), any system of telegraphy employing no connecting wire or wires between the transmitting and receiving stations. Although more or less successful researchers were made on the subject by Joseph Henry, Hertz, Oliver Lodge, and others, the first commercially successful system was that of Guglielmo Marconi, patented in March, 1897. Marconi employed electric waves of high frequency set up by an induction coil in an oscillator, these waves being launched into space through a lofty antenna. The receiving apparatus consisted of another antenna in circuit with a coherer and small battery for operating through a relay the ordinary telegraphic receiver. This apparatus contains the essential features of all the systems now in use. --
Wireless telephone, an apparatus or contrivance for wireless telephony. --
Wireless telephony, telephony without wires, usually employing electric waves of high frequency emitted from an oscillator or generator, as in wireless telegraphy. A telephone transmitter causes fluctuations in these waves, it being the fluctuations only which affect the receiver.


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Wire"less, n.

Short for Wireless telegraphy, Wireless telephony, etc.; as, to send a message by wireless.


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