You look at some pr0n and recognise the dungeons and dragons books in the background.

You know you're really a geek when you also remark that the books are out of sequence.

This just happened to me - I thought I should share :P

your girlfriend no longer sleeps over because your room is illuminated with screens, LEDs and continues to hum even if she unplugs the powerbar attached to the powerbar attached to the powerbar because you have a wireless back up power supply of you own design hidden under manuals, cables and socks that are dirty but not so dirty you cant wear them again.
you pretend to have a girlfriend when online

You see a book "Wine for Dummies" and immediately think of a free Windows API rather than fermented grape juice. When I opened it, I was like "What the . . ." I had completely forgotten that wine was something you drink for about 5 minutes.

It's scary how many of theses apply to me

--you write a comprehensive bulleted list of all the conditions that lead you and others to believing you are a geek.

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