Also, those of us who used to punch cards, but saw how totally cool time sharing was. I got out of that shit as soon as I could!

The 5081 Unit Record, invented by Herman Hollerith for the turn of the century census sucked for anything other than data collection.

In a big way!

It was used in the early 1980's by many universities in their computer science classes.

As a tool to write large programs, typically in fortran or pascal, you just had to pray that you didn't drop the big box containing your cards (i.e., program).

Also, the computer operator might accidentally or on-purpose drop it, so here was another source of agnst.

Punch cards were notoriously fragile, and envelopes that at the time were intended to contain such a card were preprinted with the disclaimer "Do not fold, spindle or mutilate".

The card punch machine gave rise to an entire cult of tools and devices that were purported to help the programmer.

There were special saws and gloves and sorting machines, and even devices that would annotate your cards with sequence numbers and such.

All in all, I'm glad I hopped over to a PDP-11 running RSX/11M and RSTS/E as soon as I got a chance.

Cards suck!

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