If the guy you're trying to manipulate is a geek you should be getting a quite different reaction.

A geek should start off with the "refuse to accept the possibility that the person wearing it is anything more than a stupid girl" attitude. This is because girls wearing short skirts tend to provide a lot of evidence in this direction. Also due to geek ego, which states that 99% of the population is inferior. Couple that with with the other geek problems that keep most girls far away, and you have geeks who think all girls, especially the hot ones, are stupid.

But once you start tossing jargon around like The New Hacker's Dictionary sprung a leak, you'll have a geek who is very happy, and probably quite suddenly shy instead of obnoxious.

(Short skirt == good)
(Big Brain === good)

if( (short skirt)&&(big brain) ) hormones*=hormones;
I'm so glad that I'm in love with someone who has short skirts and big brains.
When I met her, she was wearing a short skirt. I believe it was the dark charcoal one or the blue striped one. It was four years ago so my memory is quite vague. It was the short skirt that led me to want to know more about her (for the purposes of this writeup). And when she spoke, she expressed big brain ideas that made me fall dearly in love with her. She's smart, beautiful, sexy, and wears short skirts. That's her style, and I love her!
“... so you can see that the acceleration vector is the succession of these two velocity vectors...”

Pssst .... hey ...

...What was that? Oh well.

“... how the vector points in the opposite direction of...”

PSST! Hey! I’m talking to you!

::looks up from his notes::
Who’s that?

You know damn well who it is. It’s me.




No, it's me, you!

::confused:: Oh. Ook...


Why are you bothering me now? I have to take notes...
::brings his pencil back to his notebook::

“... at this position, the particle is moving at a constant...”

Oh come on. I know you. You just can’t let it go.

I... I don’t know what you’re talking abo-

Don’t deny me! Just take a glance. Come on.


You know you want to.

::glances quickly to the left. The orange cloth was like a beacon shining in a dull classroom, ending right at mid-thigh::

Yea, that's the stuff, right there

...No! This isn’t right!
::quickly shuffles paper around and continues note-taking::

“... ok? Now in this model, the particle...”

What? That was it? You loser!

Yea, that was it. I’m in class, I’ve got to take notes. I don’t have time to deal with this. I can’t believe I even let you convince me to look in the first pl-

Don’t lie to me! You know you’re not satisfied!

“change in time... displacement vect-... when acceler- ... moveme-...”

::angrily:: Why are you doing this to me? I can look at girls any other time, why bother me now?

You know damn well why. Don’t you remember just 15 minutes ago?

15 minutes ago flashback

::sits in the lecture hall, twirling his pencil around his thumb and fingers, notebook already prepared for today’s lesson. He happens to notice two girls walking towards a third on the opposite side of the room. One of the two walking girls was unfamiliar to him, while the other two were in his year, from some of his classes last semester. The new girl had straight medium long strawberry blonde hair, an orange skirt, and sparkling blue eyes; somehow he managed to see her eyes from across the room, when she looked in his direction. The other girl was pointing towards him, in effort to find a seat in class. Of course, there are three available seats just to the left of him. As they walk closer and talk to the third girl, small bits of the conversation are heard::

“... new roommate?”
“... lives down the hall... freshman...”
“...oh! You went to my high school! ... year younger than us!”
“I guess you don’t need me to tell you that she’s a genius...”

(The new girl smiles and blushes slightly. Of course, as destiny would have it, the two girls sit next to him and class begins.)

Well, I guess it’s pretty impressive that she’s in a calculus based physics and introductory mechanics class starting her freshman first semester.

Impressive? Are you kidding me? Look at her! Hot body, cute face, that red hair you KNOW you’re a sucker for...

::he glances over at her just as the professor is raising the lights. She definitely looks like a freshman; her arms and legs are slightly smaller in circumference than the other girls, and she emits a shy personality. Her skin is just slightly pale, but her rack is a decent size for a smaller girl::

So, whaddaya say? Too shocked for words? LOL

Exactly. That’s why I won’t say anything.


Are you cereal?!?! You’re going to pass up this perfect opportunity?

::begins packing away notes and pencil into backpack::
That’s what I plan on doing.

Oh really? Is that why you’ve followed her all the way outside?

::looks around and notices the grass beneath his feet. Off in the distance, the girl has just separated ways with the other girls and is walking alone, probably to her next class. Her orange skirt flutters softly in the wind, hair swaying with her every step::

Oh. Well damn.

Go on. Talk to her.

No way. I- I- I can’t...

Do it. Just a simple “hi

It’s not that easy! Why don’t you just do it if you think you’re so smart?!

Uhh, because I’m in your brain, dumbass.

Oh. Well, I mean, I...
::looks up just as she is turning the corner, heading in the opposite direction. He lets out a sigh of relief, but stands there for a few seconds in awe::

Well, that went well. Real smooth...

Shut up. You suck.

Look, I don’t get you. You say you’re looking for that intelligent, sexy, confident, yet not egotistical girl. And there she is, right in front of you, but you don’t take the opportunity. You know, these girls just don’t grow on trees, and they won’t just fall into your lap like an apple.

I know, I know.

Based on a semi-true... err, I mean... fictional story. Yes. Fiction. Experiences/thoughts of an unknown protagonist in physics class one day.

This was my small twist on this node, I thought I could contribute another situation related to the title

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