Okay... somewhat inexplicably, in some cases. I have broken down this not-so-exhaustive list into three categories:

  1. Easily Ripped
  2. Easy Access
  3. Confounding Access

1. Easily Ripped

pantyhose. The hallmark of the office temp everywhere. I love pantyhose, especially the stay up thigh-high kind, because as Secret Hosiery (tm)'s slogan goes, they're like makeup for your legs. It's been said that I have good legs, but pantyhose makes them look better. Men often don't realise you are wearing them unless they are allowed close inspection, upon which they may be disappointed, until you cunningly offer them a pair of scissors and the opportunity to shred/cut them off your body, a la Tank Girl. A bonus because pantyhose ladders (gets runs) like a sonofabitch, and you'd have to throw them out anyway. Save them till you get home to your honey.

white muslin blouses. Women should never go to the tropics (specially not Bali) without a sheer white cotton/linen blouse to cover a swimsuit. The more transparent, the better. Unlike pantyhouse you should not rip them indiscriminately - like jeans, they often look better slightly worn in, with a few well-placed holes and a bit of grime.

2. Easy Access - need I say more?

Thai fisherman's pants
wraparound skirts

3. Confounding Access

tight jeans this one is a maybe. Some guys find tight jeans and the cameltoe they can create a major turnoff. Others can't get enough. I wear them when I can fit into them and when I'm in the mood.

skorts. Skorts are weird. They can't make up their minds if they are a skirt of a pair of shorts, so they're both. I have one that a fella spent quite a few delicious moments rifling through. I went to take it off but he was quite content plying his way through the layers.

slips (half or full). I was raised to wear slips under skirts, a bit of an anachronism these days. Slips on their own are not half as sexy as slips under dresses. Men see the edge of a slip when your hem strays and can't understand why you would wear an extra garmet, and are duly inspired by the exoticism. They also fulfill their purpose, ie. make clothes hang better and alleviate the sunshine problem where in certain lights certain skirts let all and sundry see your back-lit legs for all they're worth.

Cheongsams. a bit out of fashion now, the cheongsam is the chinese dress with the high neck and thigh-high slits in the side, as seen on Suzie Wong and waitresses in chinese restaurants everywhere. An ex boyfriend once followed me home just because he wanted to figure out how the dress came off.

anything spandex/anything rubber/anything leather much as they say "I love you in your white undies, honey"; much as they're into vanilla sex, any of the above are both unmitigatedly trashy and mini sex vacations with the harlot they never knew they had.

Their own.

My husband is always going on about how much better I look in his clothes than he does. Considering that he almost a foot taller than me and almost as much broader at the shoulders, this is not likely to be objectively true - but there is something abour seeing you in their discarded shirt or even wooly socks and boxers that does it to men.

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