A swimsuit is essentially any type of clothing that one can wear for bathing and swimming purposes. In modern times they seem to be made to expose as much flesh as possible and are usually made of some kind of material flexible enough for comfort, often nylon so that it dries quickly. Men have two main swimsuit styles to choose from: shorts or briefs. Maybe I just have this horrible fear of having an erection in public, but I always wear shorts. Women can choose between one-piece swimsuits or bikinis. There are some pretty wild varieties in between those two as well, of course. The preferred swimsuit for the discerning intimate couple who have a body of water to themselves is of course bare skin.

Some swimsuits these days are practically lingerie that you can wear in public. Its a bit ridiculous really, but hey, so many things are.

An object of fear for a woman with any kind of body insecurity. Also, a method of social control. No, I'm not kidding. A woman in a swimsuit cannot hide whether or not she conforms to various social norms, especially in America. Does she shave her legs? Does she apply moisturizing gunk to them so they're preternaturally smooth? Does she eradicate any "unsightly bikini line hair?" Is she free of any skin problem such as acne or eczema? Is she thin enough? Is her body properly artificially tanned? BLEAH. Oh, but one ray of hope--the recent re-introduction of "boy-leg" swimsuit bottoms is a very good thing for those who do not wish to put on a butt exhibit or take razors anywhere near their groins...

and I wonder, do the brave girls with natural legs (that is, unshaven) dare wear swimsuits in public? what happens when they do? my skin is currently too messed up to be touched by chlorine, so I'm not going to find out, but I wonder.

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