A long (4-10 feet, 1-3m, usually 3-4 feet or about a meter wide) rectangular sheet of cloth, generally thin-woven cotton, which is worn by men and women by wrapping it around their bodies. Popular in India, Polynesia, Southeast Asia and other hot spots, and of course tourist shops around the globe. There are many different styles of wrapping and tying the sarong that vary between the sexes, from place to place and climate to climate, and on the length of the sarong. They vary from something resembling a dress to a loincloth tied from a short sarong to skirts and robes of all shapes and sizes in between. Sarongs are often designed in vivid colours and intricate patterns.

Sa"rong (?), n. [Malay sarung.]

A sort of petticoat worn by both sexes in Java and the Malay Archipelago.

Balfour (Cyc. of India)


© Webster 1913.

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