also, in MOOs, a player class that has all the powers of a builder, but can also write and compile MOO code.

In Media MOO everyone is a programmer. In other places, in order to avoid database bloat, programmerhood is given upon request and requires the approval of the wizards.

A word to the wise: if you are a programmer, ask to become a wizard only if you are extremely motivated.

A programmer is someone who enjoys setting themselves logical and/or mathematical problems and then starting to solve them. Typically they will stop when they have proved to themself that they can solve the problem, whether or not they have actually finished doing so.

Programmers prefer to solve problems that can be solved by sitting on a chair and looking at a piece of glass while pressing lots of buttons as fast as possible. By doing this they aim to achieve an intellectual rush that can only be accomplished by pushing the brain into a positive feedback loop. In this loop the brain breaks the set problem down into discreet, but related processes and tackles them one at a time. Completing one process makes the brain step one notch further into the loop where it can work faster and more efficiently.

The programmer can improve the chances of moving into the loop state by drinking coke and eating pizza. The ideal time to attempt this is late at night and as close to an imminent deadline as possible.

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