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building massive, sugar sprinkled, infostructures that don't crash to the ground, and becoming more and more like the Blue Rajah. And being jbird's mentor. Or being mentored by jbird, I keep forgetting.
photography, languages, literature, food, living according to The Anjan Principle.
alone and in bad company (Ambrose Bierce)
"There is no greatness in what we do, and all we do is just for show."
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Homemade Stir-Fry Oil
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today baffo feels like a confused hamster in Ivrea! mixing chaos with concepts and spreding the result on Italian bread!

An Italian guy, that about six years ago started moving around the world and has not stopped yet. Gravitating on Milan and Turin.

Strong hacker leanings. Passion for literature.
Currently living in Italy.

Still sad about Hermetic.

In the picture above I am looking suave and brandishing a gun. This is part of my job. I am a professor. The gun is a Tanfoglio. And you clearly have no more questions, right?

power - force - motion - drive - PROPAGANDA !

Immortal Wisdom from my father:
Character never improves with time: only wine does that. Actually, some wines don't.
You are a monad, my son.
I hope you are not going to hate each other
You buy a pig in a poke only if you don't want to look into the poke
This is the vocabulary, wherein all knowledge is contained

People have written these for me:

  1. Everything2 Mixed Nuts: nut, anklenut, kaatunut, donfreenut (written up by donfreenut, with a scientific slant)
  2. The Elusive Rodents: hamster bong, hamstergirl, HamsterMan (written up by cordelia, in manual style)
  3. Opposites Meet-Need They Clash ? The Custodian, The Chaotician (written up by The Custodian, in a poetic manner)
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I am at service of the E2 system, as always. Though I am a bit less active these days.

If you cannot make sense of Everything2 reactions to your efforts, read my theory: Everything2 as a 300 pound kitten.

Alas, that that which you have known in the blood should ever seem so strange ! ("Under the Volcano)"

crux - Dude, I command you to change your damn homenode pic. Every time I see it, I can't help but think that you're a big loser geek perv.
baffo - I am a big loser geek perv! how did you guess?
crux - So? Don't you want to project an image of respectibility and charm?!
baffo - charm ... charm ... I heard that word recently.
crux - It's how you get girls to take off their pants for you.
crux - No - not "money." Charm.
baffo - Ah!
baffo - You mean I shouldn't be so openly perverse?
crux - precisely.
baffo - So she should be fully dressed, right?
crux - That's a start.
crux - God damned Italians. Buncha pervs and hentai freaks, to a man
baffo - maybe I should paste this conversation in my homenode
crux - Ooh ! Let me call you a "pasta-eating papist" then.
baffo - I used to be Catholic ...
crux - Good enough for me.
crux - "Pasta-eating Apostate" has a sort of assonance going, but not the tradition behind it.

A consideration on precaution, prudence and luck, from the CNN website, regarding the October, 8 2001 airplane disaster in Milan: Two of the passengers were Italian honeymooners who had decided to fly to Scandinavia after tour operators had dissuaded the couple from their first choice of Egypt, on the grounds that it was a volatile area. In the disaster, the worst ever happened in Italy, 118 people died as a SAS plane collided during takeoff with a taxiing Cessna.

The bizarre, paranoid impression that I am out to get you is neither bizarre nor paranoid. It's true. We're all out to get you..

Send me stuff!: Mr. April, c/o Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Via Montenavale 1, 10015 Ivrea (TO), Italy

Marvel at my long windedness and hybris, by reading the terrible Computer Science for Smart People series of note lectures. It is available in a much improved form at:

In the chatterbox, one day I read: Imprecation: But Conan was not the nicest man I've ever been instructed not to make eye contact with.


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