A gun maker from Italy. The Tanfoglio company is owned by the Tanfoglio brothers, and it is placed in the small town of Gardone Val Trompia, in Italy (Beretta as well is here).
Tanfoglio makes only handguns. They started with fairly generic defense/police handguns, but about 10 years ago they entered the market for IPSC guns; I have the impression that this is a highly dynamic and even fashion-conscious market.
Tanfoglio makes approximately 40.000 handguns per year, and exports a lot of its production.

I recently visited them in their hometown, and they were incredibly friendly. I got to try one of their 9mm (9 x 21) in the test range (the plastic-frame Force 99 model). It does kick, but it feels very nice in the hand.

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