Geek rock in my experience is synonymous with math rock - where the tempo changes are unexpected, difficult to replicate, and creative, and there are intricate guitar parts. Check out Hum for an example.

Geek rock is often confused with punk or emo, while it's infact it's own separate entity. Geek rock isn't defined by the music, though it is usually a garage band sound. Geek Rock is about the lyrics. The lyrics aren't all bitching about girls as they're often thought to be, but rather an acceptance of one's place in the unspoken social system we all live in. Geek rock lyrics often, but not always reference geeky stuff such as comic books or video games.

The style most geek rockers use is often attributed to The Pixies, a mostly non-geek group. The first geek rock star is generally considered to be Buddy Holly, though his style is completly different from what geek rock is today. For prime examples of geek rock, check out Weezer, Ozma, Nerf Herder, and Nada Surf.

For more information, check out geek-rock.

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