For the last couple days, I've been spending a lot of odd moments thinking about writing a cool grid widget. It could be nifty. Between templates and abstract base classes, with a little STL here and there, I could do something that'd do all manner of groovy things, and be arbitrarily extensible too. The objects in the grid would draw themselves; they could be heterogeneous. Sure, grid widgets aren't the most exciting thing on Earth, but you take what you can get.

Then just now I had an unexpected thought: Why bother?

Do I need a really good grid widget, or even a lousy one? No, I don't. I could do a lot of things with it, but none of those things interests me at all. I'm not working on anything that needs a grid widget, and grid widgets aren't inherently interesting in and of themselves.

Why bother?

No reason at all.

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