Soft, but forced curls falling about shoulders, facial features hidden beneath layers meant to mask insecurity but instead tend to accentuate a neverending search for elusive inner beauty.
                That kind of person.
The sort that would not bother to stare into the night and wonder at the fact that stars can exist. The type that would step upon a blade of grass and not fret in the slightest that they may have ended something, some amazing piece of the universe. The kind of sad human that would consider who might be an ideal acquaintence simply by glancing at a physical appearance that means so very little.

Nothing is what it seems but what things seem to be is everything to that kind of person, the kind of person I never want to be. Strange, peculiar little humans with not a care regarding anything important in the world.
I am so glad I am not like that. Terminally deep. Sooo, soulful.. Staring off into the distance, glasses on the end of her nose, old Tshirt not matching her shorts even a little. Like she doesn't know that people will think ill of her. Like she doesn't care how she looks. She cares, I bet, and this
"casual, I'm trying not to look feminine thing"

is not fooling me. I can see eyeliner there, she's making an effort at the no effort.

Looks like Merle Norman or some shit, but that's not the point, is it?

I mean what does she hope to gain from all the studious posturing? Is she hoping to get a tortured artist grant? Geek of the week award? Pity from me, because I can actually find fabrics in colors found in nature? Ha!

As if.

They get their geeky computer jobs and their pierced boyfriends. Fine.

I'll take the MBA with an actual car. Thankyouverymuch

Geez, I don't know why I even bother thinking about it.

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