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mission drive within everything
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marshall university, huntington wv usa
keep on rocking in the free world, kids, just keep on rockin
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How to steal a street sign
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I will node no more forever

Though I may still be around enough to update or maintain nodes I am msg'd about. So Long and thanks for all the fish.

I'm Not a Humanitarian... I'm a Hellraiser The Sky is the Limit

Its kind of romantic isn't it? When I'm able to buy copies of the database, I'll probably buy one just in case my safe deposit box is the one the archeologists from space find a few thousand years after we're all gone. Everything is Immortality.

and so modern day I walk my own way
my jacket faded just like the man of leather
whom I may be related
He's leatherman.

Voting and Noding and other Stuff

The Covenant
I node 90% factual nodes. The remaining 10% are all "human experience" opinion or how I feel about life.

I will not downvote a write-up by a Level 1 noder unless it appears to be a fled user, or the noder has ignored my /msgs or suggestions.

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Let's get off this,
And get on with it,
If you wanna change the world
shut yer mouth and start to spin it
Get off this
Get on with it
If you wanna change the world
shut your mouth and start this minute

Fanatic Factual Noder If its not a factual node and it says Erias at the top, you are witnessing a truly rare event. Count yourself blessed.

I'm a friend to Newbies because my Amazing and Wonderful Mentor Deep Thought was a friend to me.

Yes I want a homenode pic, bad
/me misses Sensei

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