being an empath sometimes makes life hell. you konw how you always sit and wish you could hear what someone was thinking about you as they smile and nod at you? you usually cna't hear the *thoughts*, but you ooooh can feel the emotion sent towards you.

but some days it's worth it.

a coworker had a SHITTY day yesterday. stung by a lionfish, serious roommate problems, customers giving her hell. you could *feel* how upset she was. it hurt to feel her hurt like that. but i could do nothing.

today, i had to go see the orthodontist. just a checkup. but i got out early. and went to wander the Target near work, because i didnt go on duty for nearly an hour.

wanted caffiene and sugar. wandered the candy isle, debatedbetween several forms of chocolate. finally settled on whoppers, a candy i like but rarely buy. just got them randomly, seemed right.

got to work.

whoppers are her alltime favorite.

the damn things made her day.

couldn'ta done more if i'd *tried*. if i'd tried i'd have probably made things worse.

but those silly little candies made just about everything worth it.