It would seem logical that any person thinking of stealing a traffic sign would consider the following first. But then again, having left my teens a few years behind, I already find myself wondering what the logic for stealing a traffic sign was in the first place.

TAMPA, Florida (CNN) -- Three defendants were sentenced to 15 years each in state prison Friday for uprooting a stop sign at an intersection where three teen-agers were killed in a crash a few hours later.

Nissa Baillie, 21, Thomas Miller, 20, and Christopher Cole, 20, each faced 27 to 46 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter in the incident. It is believed to be the first U.S. case in which the removal of a traffic sign has led to a manslaughter conviction.

Cole, Baillie and Miller were each sentenced to 30 years in state prison, with a suspended sentence after 15 years, and five years of probation Friday on four counts of manslaughter. Under Florida law, convicts must serve at least 85 percent of a sentence, meaning at least 13 years in prison for the three.

That being said, I at one time had a fairly decent collection of bathroom signs, with their varying icons for men and women. Also, from various jobs where I had access to unposted signs I obtained numerous "Danger: Laser Radiation" signs, lock out/tag out notices, and others of that sort. And I'd also love to get my hands on a giant Yield Sign to add to my Pearl Jam memorabila collection. I understand the urge to collect signs, just think about it first. If you really want signs, try or another industrial/ warehouse supply company, or perhaps ebay. Note that it is illegal in most cities to buy, sell, or trade a city or state traffic control device (like signs, stoplights, cones, etc), though I have heard of people getting them at governement surplus auctions, and in some towns I've known the local Traffic/Transportation Department to simply give away older, damaged or obsolete street signs when asked kindly.