The names of the polygons in the plane.
Number of sides, the shape name, then the internal angle (=(180 - 360/number of sides)).

3: Triangle 60
4: Square 90
5: Pentagon 108
6: Hexagon 120
7: Heptagon 128.57..
8: Octagon 135
9: Nonagon aka enneagon 140
10: Decagon 144
11: hendecagon aka undecagon 147.27..
12: Dodecagon 160
13: triskaidecagon
14: tetrakaidecagon
15: pentakaidecagon
16: hexakaidecagon
17: heptakaidecagon
18: octakaidecagon
19: enneakaidecagon
20: icosagon
30: tricontagon
40: tetracontagon
50: pentacontagon
60: hexacontagon
70: heptacontagon
80: octacontagon
90: enneacontagon
100: Hectagon 176.4
1000: Chiliagon 179.64
10000: Myriagon 179.964
106: Megagon 179.99964
10100: Googolgon ~180

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Shape (?), v. t. [imp. Shaped (#); p. p. Shaped or Shapen (#); p. pr. & vb. n. Shaping.] [OE. shapen, schapen, AS. sceapian. The p. p. shapen is from the strong verb, AS. scieppan, scyppan, sceppan, p. p. sceapen. See Shape, n.]


To form or create; especially, to mold or make into a particular form; to give proper form or figure to.

I was shapen in iniquity. Ps. li. 5.

Grace shaped her limbs, and beauty decked her face. Prior.


To adapt to a purpose; to regulate; to adjust; to direct; as, to shape the course of a vessel.

To the stream, when neither friends, nor force, Nor spead nor art avail, he shapes his course. Denham.

Charmed by their eyes, their manners I acqire, And shape my foolishness to their desire. Prior.


To image; to conceive; to body forth.

Oft my jealousy Shapes faults that are not. Shak.


To design; to prepare; to plan; to arrange.

When shapen was all this conspiracy, From point to point. Chaucer.

Shaping machine. Mach. Same as Shaper. -- To shape one's self, to prepare; to make ready. [Obs.]

I will early shape me therefor. Chaucer.


© Webster 1913.

Shape (?), v. i.

To suit; to be adjusted or conformable.




© Webster 1913.

Shape, n. [OE. shap, schap, AS. sceap in gesceap creation, creature, fr. the root of scieppan, scyppan, sceppan, to shape, to do, to effect; akin to OS. giskeppian, OFries. skeppa, D. scheppen, G. schaffen, OHG. scaffan, scepfen, skeffen, Icer. skapa, skepja, Dan. skabe, skaffe, Sw. skapa, skaffa, Goth. gaskapjan, and perhaps to E. shave, v. Cf. -ship.]


Character or construction of a thing as determining its external appearance; outward aspect; make; figure; form; guise; as, the shape of a tree; the shape of the head; an elegant shape.

He beat me grievously, in the shape of a woman. Shak.


That which has form or figure; a figure; an appearance; a being.

Before the gates three sat, On either side, a formidable shape. Milton.


A model; a pattern; a mold.


Form of embodiment, as in words; form, as of thought or conception; concrete embodiment or example, as of some quality.



Dress for disguise; guise.


Look better on this virgin, and consider This Persian shape laid by, and she appearing In a Greekish dress. Messinger.

6. Iron Manuf. (a)

A rolled or hammered piece, as a bar, beam, angle iron, etc., having a cross section different from merchant bar.


A piece which has been roughly forged nearly to the form it will receive when completely forged or fitted.

To take shape, to assume a definite form. <-- in shape, having a good muscle tone; healthy. Get into shape, to exercise so as to acquire a good muscle tone. -->


© Webster 1913.

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