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every moment god doesn't kill you for your sins is a gift you should thank him for

is why I left christianity. I didn't make that up myself, it was told to me. The idea is that god hates sin, and by choosing to sin we push god away. So he would be justified to just kill us for constantly fucking him over and not appreciating the gift of life he gave us.

Also, Your sins make jesus suffer on the cross.

It's funny that god started interacting with the world right about the time we started inventing writing.

Here is my statement of faith: There is no such thing as a soul, god, or an afterlife.

(r) Klaproth says I ate your writeup Secondary slashdot effect. it was empty. hope i don't find more of these. Node Heaven will become its new residence.

nope, you won't find any more of these, as i would have told you if you'd asked.
actually secondary slashdot effect was the first of my own nodes i visited after a 2 year vacation from e2. Seeing all the changes that had taken place, I assumed that finally there would be a way to delete your own nodes without bothering the gods - and since there were no buttons to that effect, obviously the only other solution would be to delete all the text, which would signal e2 to delete it for you.

so i cleared what I'd written, and forgot all about it.

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I live in Kochi prefecture on Shikoku island in Japan. I work on the Jet Programme teaching English in a public junior high school.
i read pokey the penguin. YES!
email:o314159 art note the letter O at the beginning.