Klaproth is a character from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic; specifically, the World's End story told in issues 51 through 56.

Klaproth hails from the Necropolis Litharge in the shadow of the Quinsy Mountains. Among the journeymen at the Necropolis that call Klaproth Master are Petrefax, Kyrielle and Eucrasia.

Klaproth teaches the arts of the Necropolis, which includes everybody's funerary customs, and I do mean everybody. As an example of what he teaches there, here is a summary of The Five Approved Methods of Bodily Disposal.

  1. Earth Burial or Interment
  2. Disposal through Fire
  3. Mummification
  4. Disposal through Water
  5. Air Burial

This is a bibation that reminds us of the incense on the night air in the necropolis Litharge, the fragrance of myrrh and olibanum. This is a bibation that reminds us of the ethereal substantiality of the shadows in the catacombs. This is a bibation that reminds us of the chill of the crypt at dawn, and of the wane warmth of the sun. This is a bibation that when tasted reminds us that the pleasures of this world are secondary to the duties the world imposes on us.

Drink deeply, apprentice, drink with care.

Pour ingredients over crushed ice and shake.
Strain into a cocktail glass.
Garnish with a pitted black olive (rinsed) and a twist of lemon peel.

The black vodka is actually a translucent dark blue green, the color of cypress in shadow. The iridescent butterfly green of the Chartreuse and the golden honey color of the Benedictine are mostly lost when this drink is mixed. The olive, sitting at the narrow bottom of the cocktail glass, provides a sharp spot of black at the thinnest point of the gradation of the blue-green-gray liquid.

The green Chartreuse dominates the taste with its dark herbal flavors. The Benedictine contributes the warmer tastes of cloves and honey. The lemon oil, misted across the top of the drink from zesting the peel, adds a high note of citron that brings the whole drink together.

The first sip of this cocktail tastes cold and herbal, almost medicinal. The lemon oils hang over the drink, invisible. There is only a hint of sweetness. But as it warms up, the sugar in the Chartreuse and Benedictine begin to be noticed. And the olive at the bottom brings an earthy close to the flavors of this drink.

Thanks to bindlenix, who assisted in the grueling hours of bibation analysis that assayed the results of the speculative mixology I had previously undertaken.Thanks to graceness, who proved herself an ediatrix nonpariel during the composition of Klaproth's words at the opening of this node. And many thanks to cahla, who procured the reagents and mixed this drink at Hot Damn part deux. This drink was also featured on the schedule for my 2003 birthday. An additional public round occured on the occasion of a visit of mine to the BAP in October 2003.

A few testimonials from satisfied imbibers:

panamaus says I felt like a 19th century mortician while drinking it.
qousqous says Oh my god this is good.
atesh reacted by whapping his forehead on the arm of his chair.
CzarKhan says It possessed a strange flavour.

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