Blavod vodka is known for its nearly opaque black color.

Originally made in the UK, Blavod is now also made in San Francisco. It's a superior grade multi-grained vodka that is colored with Black Catcheu(Catch-You), an herb from Burma. Blavod will not discolor your mouth or teeth, so it's safe to drink it on a date or right before class. (ok, don't drink right before class)

Black Catchu has a very mild flavor and some people claim they cannot taste it at all, as the vodka is rather strong and overpowering sensory wise.

This drink is popular in the goth scene, and super trendy clubs around Europe, but not as popular in the US, probably because of the limited availability of it there.

One final note before you run off to buy a bottle. This stuff isn't cheap. a litre will cost you around US$25, so save it for special occasions. As it is still a relatively new product in the U.S., the company urges potential drinkers to call them to find the nearest locations, at: (415) 252-8039.
Or check out their website at

Drink Idea: Oil Slick (shot)
1/5 oz. Blavod Vodka
4/5 oz. Blue Curacao
Done properly, the vodka should float on the blue curacao and look like oil floating on blue water.

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