Oh, the shame... but no, no more procrastinating. It's time I came clean. Ever since that fateful day when my eyes were lucky enough to rest upon my message inbox...

Klaproth says I ate your writeup. It will soon rest in Node Heaven.

Who would have thought that entwined in so simple a message could be so much meaning, such a taste of hidden mysteries longing to be discovered? I was enchanted, I felt as if something had hit me, dealt me a blow deep within my soul, awakening me to this beautiful new world.

I began producing terrible nodes and writeups, praying for another visit from Klaproth to feed the high of this forbidden love. Sure enough they came, and each time I read and re-read every single message; each time, amidst all the loss of XP, amidst the loss of nodes and writeups, amidst all this horror, all I could think was "Klaproth... msg'd me!"

But all was not well. I should have seen it coming... Was it too difficult? Was it too much to ask? Just one sign, just one word in just one of the so many messages! Just something to let me know!

Klaproth says I ate your writeup. It will soon rest in Node Heaven, sugarlips.

Still nothing. Nothing but emptiness and unrealised dreams. The once dizzying rush of the love that dare not speak its name is now reduced to a haze of sadness. Every message now seems so hollow, a mere mockery of what once was. Why does love have to go sour?

Klaproth says I ate your heart. You will never love again.

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