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I've been absent from this place for a while, checking in occasionally to see what's moving and shaking but never really dunking myself into the heated, Olympic-size pool of nodegel that's here for quite some time.

There were a rash of personal losses (nodes mostly) that I felt were unwarranted, and some generalized malaise with the whole scene.

But then I read Templeton's homenode. And found out that I was on her E2 crushes list. Oh happy day! I've never been on anyone's crush list, Internet-based or otherwise. I mean, I'm sure at some point my ex-fiancé thought of me as crush-worthy, before all the badness came down. And I imagine (in the dark of the night and the quiet of the dawn) that there might be other feisty folks who think me crushtastic, but to see it writ there by the fountain pen of such angelic creative wonderment as Templeton...the heart stutters. The mind hums and spins like a wireless electrified top.

So too I must here recount my select E2 crushes. For some I may not be worthy of even a chance /msg, but the dreams of tomorrow...they are magnificent and warm like fresh-from-the-dryer quilts; handmade and beloved and perhaps a little worn at the seams but nevertheless more wonderful than anything.

Ninja-Lad's E2 Crushes