One last lil' tip for those of you looking for easy application of solid (cake in a tin) shoe polish:


That's right. The most important technological advance of our time can help you prettify your clogs. Here's how.

  • Procure a tin of shoe polish
    I use Kiwi, so YMMV with other brands.
  • Procure some fire-making device
    I use matches or a lighter, but I suppose a small stick-and-bow contraption or even a magnifying glass-and-sunlight combo would work.
  • Remove the lid of the tin of polish
    Keep it close to'll need it in a minute.
  • Apply fire to the polish
    I rest the match against the polish, moving it gently from side to side.
  • Once the polish catches fire, move the heat source away from the tin and wait for the flames to cover the entire surface of the polish
    You're not trying to burn down the house here...just get the top of the polish melty.
  • Cover the tin of polish with the lid to extinguish the flames
    Just set the lid on the top, and wait for the poof of smoke that indicates the flames are out.
  • Lift one edge of the lid to make sure the fire is extinguished.
    If the flames flare back up when you do this, set the lid back on top (make sure it's not hanging off-center on the top of the tin) and wait another few seconds before checking again.
  • Once the flames are extinguished, remove the lid and use your now-liquid polish normally.
    The polish should be warm, but not too hot to work with.

Some notes:
I find that latex gloves and a newspapered work area are helpful to keeping the mess under control.
Best results are achieved by smearing the polish on all surfaces to be shined, letting the polish cool to a matte finish, then rubbing with a clean cloth until surface is shiny.
Avoid working on the carpet if at all possible. Carpet + waxy polish = stains that will not come out...
Unless you use Shout Gel (with the cute little scrubber cap) and blot up the stain. That stuff is amazing.