A loving breed, golden retrievers descended from red flat-coated retrievers in England. Since the beginning of the breed, the preferred coat type has remained the same, yet the color of choice has varied across borders. At present, there are a fleet of white golden retrievers in Scandinavia which are fluffy in appearance but do not differ in size or temperance. In the U.S., the American Kennel Club prefers a dog with more reddish tones, but not as dark as the original goldens. It is most common in North America to find goldens with coloring akin to that preferred by the AKC. These dogs are easily obtained from breeders, although waiting lists are long for the most beautiful dogs. Golden retrievers hardly even win the large-circuit dog shows, but they are always a favorite, eliciting huge crowd responses. Playful, loyal, and always ready to eat, these dogs are wonderful companions and aids alike. They are frequently employed as seeing eye dogs for this reason.

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