or "Did Hannah just swallow that knee-high?"

Dogs. You've gotta love them. They drink from the toilet, they chew on your shoes. They're nature's little wonder, capable of eating anything from grass to cat poop. But there are several things (surprisingly cat poop isn't included) that your dog simply shouldn't eat.

This list includes things that might either cause intestinal damage (by being poisonous or sharp) or objects that might cause a blockage on their way out. Some things your dog shouldn't eat include:

When my mom asked, "Did Hannah just swallow that stocking?" we all knew she meant "Oh my god Hannah just swallowed that stocking!" And when she asked, "Do you think we should call the vet?" we all knew she meant "Oh my god we should call a vet!" So we did.

Let's suppose you see your dog swallow something bad (for example, a stocking). Call your vet. The doctor will probably tell you to go to your medicine cabinet and get that big ugly bottle of hydrogen peroxide. For a small dog, making them drink a few tablespoons will do the trick. But Hannah is a full bred, long-haired German Shepherd. We had to get a squirt bottle and push two cups of the nasty stuff down her throat. A few minutes later the pantyhose came up, along with mushes of kibble, grass, and a few bits of cotton. She drank some water, napped a bit and feels much better now.

One important note: If the object your dog has eaten is caustic, vomiting may or may not be helpful, so always consult your veterinarian, local emergency pet hospital, or the Animal Poison Control Center.

Okay, two important notes: Syrup of ipecac is -not- something you want to give your dog. It takes a long time to work and does more harm than good in some cases.

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