He left me there. It was really hot and I remember drinking a lot of water back at the big place and in the small place. He had the wind there, but it was better in the small place. I liked the small place better, because when you got out you were at a new big place. And it was always windy and cool.

I'd always liked the wind, too. It felt really nice and it made me cool off. But after I got out of the wind then Windman would straighten out my hair. I never liked it when he did that, but it made him happy and it was good when he was happy. It would mean that he was quiet and nice.

Sometimes he was loud. I knew to go hide when he was like that since he'd hurt me if I did stuff. His nose was all white, too, which sometimes meant he was mad but not loud. But it always smelled like nasty flowers and that green stuff in the cold box when he was mad, and there were these green weird water bowls lying around.

He was really loud this morning. When he put me in the small place and made it windy, I was kinda worried that he'd hurt me. I tried to cheer him up but it only made him make angry noises at me and made him angrier, so I stopped. I just wanted to make him smile, but instead I just enjoyed the wind from nowhere. Actually, I really didn't know where the wind came from, but it was all cool. I don't remember a warm wind ever.

He stopped the wind, the Windman, and turned to me and smiled, and I got all excited since I thought he was happier. Then he took a small bag out of his pocket and made his nose white again, and went outside of the little place and made the in-out board in. It was really hot day that day, and I really wanted to have the wind back, but he was the windman. He could turn on the wind and turn it off, and I couldn't. So instead I wished for him to come back, since I knew that he would turn the wind on in the small place if he was in it.

It got hotter and hotter in the small place. I lied down under the seat where it was darker and the big bright hot circle wasn't hot. I almost fell asleep, but then there were some really loud noises that sounded kinda like a big wind shutting the in-out board at the big place. I hopped back up on the seat, and the noise happened again, but it also sounded like when the Windman dropped his funny green water bowls on the eating place floor. Some stuff fell from the hole, in the small place's in-out board, too. I poked it, and it hurt, so I stopped.

The noises stopped soon after that, and I tried to sleep again, but this big wavy noise woke me up. A big man came up to the hole and looked in and smiled. He made some noises, and put his arms in the hole and picked me out. I'd seen men who looked like him sometimes when they came to our big place. Windman always got mad when they left. Then he took out the green water bowls and drank from them, and made his nose really white. Then he'd sleep a lot. Sometimes he'd forget to feed me and I had to eat stuff on the floor since I couldn't wake him up.

The man looked at my neck thingy and made another noise to another man like him, and they took me to their small place. They were nice men. They made the wind come back, like the Windman did. That was why they were nice. I wondered if the Windman would come back for me. I liked his wind.

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