Is this.... at all... weird?

There's this guy... and for the life of me, I can't figure out what about him drives me. Something.... something... and as I looked at him the other day (Crystallized forever on paper), I noticed something. He's a punk. He knows nothing about caring for people or even apologizing to them... but when he opens his eyes a little, when he looks at me, bright, shining, and that smile is plastered all over his face... I'm floored. All I can think about is my mother, her face carefully archived in my head, in reality decaying in the ground. Their light is the same... their smiles both breed the same sense of captivity, and their intensity is... amazing.

Is this really possible? He's the worst male to walk into my life, and she's the best female to ever walk out. I hate him, love her... but that's what it is... I've figured it out.

Really fucking weird...
Somehow, he reminds me of my mother...

did you take your insulin, dear?

Yes, of course I did. Do I really look like I want to die at the dinner table?

you know, i'm going to do what's best for you, whether you like it or not.

That's sweet, honey. If you ruin this scheme, you do realise I'll have to kill you.

It's sentiments like these that turn my head to make sure it isn't Mom sitting on the couch, or across the table. There is no better way, in my opinion, to ruin a romantic evening than to make a motherly comment. Maybe I am dating you because you'll always take care of me, but that's just not the same as asking to be smothered with your infinite motherly concern. I have a mother for that, remember? Sit back, honey, relax. I can take care of myself when it comes to daily concerns, like whether I took my medicine, or if I need to pee before we get in the car.

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