This is a very tasty sandwich with several strong competing flavours. I enjoy combative food. :) Baked Tofu-Spinach-Sourdough Sandwich


Baked Tofu
sourdough bread, preferably thick
red bell pepper
baby swiss cheese
whole leaf spinach
dijon mustard, the hotter the better
olive oil/sunflower oil
bay leaf

I link to transform's baked tofu recipe so you can see how it is made; if you're not up for a two-stage cooking process, you can find baked tofu in most good grocery stores in the US.

Heat up the oil & bay leaf(ves) in a small frying pan.
Slice the tofu to an appropriate thickness and brown on one side.
Flip over, and add chopped bell peppers to the pan. Toast the sourdough.
Lay swiss slices on the tofu; continue heating until melted.
Throw the mess on the bread, add mustard to taste & top with fresh spinach.

This also keeps well; for portable lunch or whatnot. But eat hot if you can.

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