Marijuana rituals that are common in my southern California community include:

  • Pass to the right in times of war; pass to the left in times of peace
  • Bongrips for breakfast; joints for lunch; bubblers for dinner.
  • Salads are are better than singles. Salads are bowls to which several people have contributed weed. Bonus points if the components of the salad taste/smell/look different from each other, or give differing highs. Singles are bowls that've been packed with a tiny amount of weed for the purpose of getting one person high. By encouraging fellow smokers to pack a salad bowl rather than take singles hits, one encourages a spirit of cameraderie.

(n.b. non-smokers: A "bowl" of pot refers to the amount of pot that one finds oneself stuffing into the proper receptacle of one's smoking implement. The size of a bowl varies depending on the size of the receptacle.)

Once I was in Fiji, at a village called W– which sits above the Sigatoka river. Those incredible vistas were framed by kasava (food), suki (tobacco rolled into very thin and long sticks), kava (a relaxing, albeit not very tasty drink) and ganja. I was told that I should always have an even number of smokes. It's possible that they were having fun with me - it's very easy to convince a person to have just one more hit of the bong, after which they are reminded to have "just one more" to make it even. I doubt that it has any more significance than what I've already said, but I don't care because it was such a beautiful place. Some places are so good we don't believe we can ever visit them again.

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