Marijuana rituals that are common in my southern California community include:

  • Pass to the right in times of war; pass to the left in times of peace
  • Bongrips for breakfast; joints for lunch; bubblers for dinner.
  • Salads are are better than singles. Salads are bowls to which several people have contributed weed. Bonus points if the components of the salad taste/smell/look different from each other, or give differing highs. Singles are bowls that've been packed with a tiny amount of weed for the purpose of getting one person high. By encouraging fellow smokers to pack a salad bowl rather than take singles hits, one encourages a spirit of cameraderie.

(n.b. non-smokers: A "bowl" of pot refers to the amount of pot that one finds oneself stuffing into the proper receptacle of one's smoking implement. The size of a bowl varies depending on the size of the receptacle.)