To have stones thrown at oneself. Not quite so fun as smoking the ganja, particularly as it tends to result in personal injury. Being stoned is a particularly unfortunate way to meet your end. Jesus had a few things to say about this matter, in John 8: 1-11.

Though one can be stoned on any variety of recreational drugs, marijuana is the most common cause of such a state. Being stoned is what every person should do once in their life just to realize that alcohol is not their only alternative for escaping the realities of one's own conciousness. Being stoned is an intentional alteration of one's normal thought patterns for the sake of recreation. If every ignorant savage that thought marijuana should be illegal got to smoke one joint, there'd be no argument.

To be stoned for the very first time, is not always a very good experience. Many people never try it again. There is often the case of paranoia, where one feels everyone knows he or she is stoned and they, the stoned, are obviously being followed by people with bad intentions. Then there's the old case where the newly stoned either goes to sleep or is so lethargic, they may as well be asleep. Depending on the quality of the marijuana, some can become so stoned, they are unable to function at all, and some first time users become sick.

To be convinced or certain of whether or not, getting stoned, or being on the cover of Rolling Stone is an asset or something to be avoided, may take several trial runs. And then again, when something alters the state of one's normal logical thinking, one can't always be certain of decisions made under the influence. What's good for the goose, is not always good for the gander.

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