The BSI motto. We believe that pants constrict us, so at our offical corporate headquarters, we wear clothing that doesn't restrict the flow of air around our genitals. It's refreshing to get up for another beer.

In the PAO setting, kimonos as well as sweatpants are viable businesswear options. It's not just a vote for fresh loin air it's a vote for freedom.

At one point in the early 90's (try as I might, my research won't tell me when), Southwest Airlines ran an ad with the headline "Work at a place where wearing pants is optional. Not to mention high-heeled shoes, ties, and panty hose." It showed a picture of a flight attendant (no doubt referred to as a stewardess back then) carrying a tray of drinks, wearing khaki shorts, socks, and sneakers.

Sentence fragments aside, the goal of the ad was to attract people to work at Southwest based on its casual, employee-centered atmosphere. They found that a relaxed style of dress and attitude made the flight attendents friendlier and resulted in a better, more comfortable flight for the passenger. The ad showed that Southwest could be a fun place to work and a fun way to fly.

I just thought it was funny that "wearing pants is optional" were the biggest words in the ad.

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