"Because I do not hope to turn again
Because I do not hope
Because I do not hope to turn"

because tracey has moved to portland and
phones only on holidays,
because jeff has grown a new beard and worries
of premature endings, he is still a best friend
because cliff will never photograph ecuadorian
whores for two-fifty (even for friends)
because michael has fought enemies on
fishing boats, he came home for us
because nathan is allergic to power, he
sneezes and smiles knowingly
because chris struggles with the trivial,
exploits other peoples' rooms
because jhasen spells his name wrong and
can't improve transcendence
because sara has issues with protestants
(a wine drunk will never learn)
because big al is a businessman denying
all thoughts of promiscuity
because sally is our only princess;
her sisters our only court
because shannon is tired of grieving
youth has only grown him older
because bates insists on world domination
(the doctor is in)
because melissa dances around surgical-art
busyness, it's what we've loved
because scott dances on the head of a pin,
he will never die by accident
because rob will reassure us all to the end
"i know what you mean, man"

because all of you have crossed me at one
time or another, because of lakeshore drive
and riley trails and new holland beach and ludington
state park and pietros and tunnel park after dark and
broken car windows and chained pick-up trucks
and peach boone's farm and terrible horror movies and
dangerous fathers and all out assaults of
unconsciousness and mushrooms on sunday and
norman mailer novels and discussions of lsd and
why the hell not? and we have fun out there and smoking it poor
and passion and art death guy and steveandedie and because it's christmas and excuses are never easy
to explain...

because all of this will fade one day.

In rock climbing terminology, Friends are a form of protection which are wedged into a crevice in the rock face. The climber's rope is passed through an attached carabiner, thereby affording a protective anchor point in case of a fall.

Friends were developed by adventurer Ray Jardine, who began development work in the 1970's. They became commercially available when Wild Country, the climbing equipment manufacturer, started selling them in 1978. They revolutionized climbing.

The great thing about Friends is their unique design. They are a camming device, with two pairs of opposing, spring-loaded cams. Prior to placement, the cams are retracted by the climber. The device can then be inserted into the rock face and the cams released. The cams allow Friends to wedge themselves firmly into even parallel cracks, where conventional wedges will not work. This made previously-unprotectable routes possible for those climbers with a sense of mortality.

One thing that the unwary climber should know: Friends have the habit of 'walking' themselves deeper into cracks if the attempt to remove them is botched. This can get quite expensive.

A Beach Boys album from 1968 that continued the organ-dominated sound of 1967's Smiley Smile album. A collection of little vignettes, some under a minute long, and many of staggering beauty.
Also contains Dennis Wilson's first two real compositions, Little Bird and Be Still, although the rest of the album is, as usual up to that point, primarily made up of Brian Wilson songs. Lyrical themes include Transcendental Meditation, birds in trees and directions to Brian Wilson's house. The album sold practically nothing and had no hit singles, but is now considered one of their best, namechecked by bands such as the High Llamas and Supergrass
  1. Meant For You
  2. Friends
  3. Wake The World
  4. Be Here In The Morning
  5. When A Man Needs A Woman
  6. Passing By
  7. Anna Lee, The Healer
  8. Little Bird
  9. Be Still
  10. Busy Doin' Nothin'
  11. Diamond Head
  12. Transcendental Meditation

Currently available on Capitol Records as a twofer with 20/20.
Band line-up - Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston
Previous Beach Boys album - Wild Honey
Next Beach Boys album - 20/20
Song by Michael W. Smith, originally released on his 1983 Project debut album, and re-released in a new version on his 1992 Change Your World CD.

Written by MWS and his wife Deborah, it was a simple, piano-based ballad at first, but it rang true with an unbelievable number of people. In thousands of Christian organizations involving youth, Friends became the way they said goodbye to those leaving them (usually high school seniors) ("Packing up the dreams God planted / in the fertile soil of you") and moving on, and it remains so to this day. One wonders if the Smiths had any idea what they were unleashing when they wrote this, or whether they just thought it would be another forgotten B-side at the end of a fledgling artist's debut recording.

The song has also been used as the theme music for a youth musical, Friends Forever.

"And friends are friends forever / if the Lord's the Lord of them"

(full lyrics removed due to copyright issues)

So no-one told you life was gonna be this way,
Your job's a joke,
You're broke,
Your love life's DOA
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
and it hasn't been your day, your week, your month
or even your year....


Friends has been a flagship programme of Warner Brothers since it was first aired on NBC in September 1994. Based in central New York, the show revolves around the lives, friendships and relationships of six twenty-somethings (thirty-somethings towards this, the ninth series). The majority of the scenes are based within the two apartments belonging to Monica and Chandler (originally Monica and Rachel's apartment), Joey (orginally Joey and Chandler's apartment) which are across the hall from each other and their local coffee house in Greenwich Village called "Central Perk".

Across the alley from Monica and Chandler is Monica’s hapless brother Ross, joined by his on-off love, Rachel. Rounding out the circle of friends is Monica’s ex-roommate, Phoebe Buffay, an offbeat, eternally optimistic folk singer and massage therapist.

Monica: Rach, it's the Visa card people.
Rachel: Oh, God, ask them what they want.
Monica: Could you please tell me what this is in reference to? ...Yes, hold on.
Monica: Um, they say there's been some unusual activity on your account.
Rachel: But I haven't used my card in weeks!
Monica: That is the unusual activity.

Since its debut season, Friends has received 44 Emmy Award nominations, including four for Outstanding Comedy Series. The cast won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 1996 for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Series and has been nominated four times (1996, 1997, 1998 and 2002) for a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy. Friends also won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy Series in its first season, and has since won twice more as Favorite Comedy Series.

The series was created by the writing team of Marta Kauffman and David Crane. Emmy and CableACE Award-winning producer Kevin S. Bright is executive producer with Kauffman and Crane. Scott Silveri, Shana Goldberg-Meehan, Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen also serve as executive producers. Friends is a Bright/Kauffman/Crane Production in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Two CDs of the music from the series have been released. The first, simply titled "Friends" was released in 1995, the second, titled "Friends Again" was released in 2002. Both albums contain versions of the theme song as well as full tracks of some of the background songs used in the series along with snippets of some of the more famous lines from the cast. Along with the CDs, the series has also spawned a great many books, calendars, coffee cups, t-shirts and other such merchandise such as is seen with many other popular series.

Main Characters

Ross Geller - David Schwimmer

    Minister: Friends. Family. We are gathered to celebrate here today
    the joyous union of Ross and Emily. Now Ross, repeat after me. I Ross...
    Ross: I Ross...
    Minister: Take thee, Emily...
    Ross: Take thee, Rachel...Emily.

    Monica's brother. With a PhD in paleontology, Ross Geller is very much the "sensible" figure in the group. He has had a crush on Rachel Green since High School, where he was seen as just Monica's geeky older brother. He is generally quiet and shy, thinking things through before he says them - although occasionally things slip out. He has been married and divorced three hapless times. The first marriage ended when his wife declared she was a lesbian, the second after Ross said Rachel's name at the altar and the third was a drunken marriage to Rachel in Las Vegas. He has two children, Ben, by Susan (his first wife) and Emma by Rachel.

    Significant relationships
    Emily Waltham
    Rachel Green
    Jill Green

    Occupation - paleontologist for a museum in New York.

Monica Geller - Courteney Cox

    Ross: Monica categorizes her towels.
    How many categories are there?
    Joey: Everyday use...
    Chandler: Fancy...
    Joey: Guest...
    Chandler: Fancy Guest...
    Ross: Two seconds!
    Joey: Uh, uh... Eleven!
    Ross: Amazing. Eleven is correct!

    Ross Geller's sister, the bossy, anally retentive mother of the group. Her mother rarely approves of her and we often see her desperately trying for one-upmanship against Ross. At High School, Monica was the teased, obese girl, which may have influenced her decision to become a chef. Again, not having much luck with men, she has been out with an older man and a millionaire. However, she met her match in Chandler and they are now married.

    Significant Relationships
    Richard Burke (Tom Selleck)
    Pete Becker
    Chandler Bing

    Occupation - from assistant chef to restaurant critic, Monica has always worked with food.

Chandler Muriel Bing - Matthew Perry

    Chandler: Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian.
    ...Did I say that out loud?

    The sarcastic joker, who's smoking days still haunt him. Poor Chandler didn't have much luck with the women - thoughout the first four series we see him struggle to shake off Janice. However, his luck seems to turn when he falls in love with Monica and moves in with her, eventually marrying her. Chandler's mother writes romance novels and his father is a drag act in Las Vegas, all of which adds up to be very embarrassing for him.

    Significant Relationships
    Jade - who was originally looking for Bob
    Joanna - Rachel's boss at Bloomingdale's
    Kathy - originally Joey's girlfriend
    Monica Geller

    Occupation - Chandler works in data reconfiguration and statistical factoring, he was promoted to manager in the first series which led him to quit his job, only to take it back when he realised that it was what defined him. In the final series, we see him take over an office in Tulsa.

Joey Francis Tribbiani - Matt LeBlanc

    Joey and Chandlers' apartment has been robbed
    Joey: Aw, man! He took the five of spades!
    looks through deck
    Joey: No, here it is.

    Joey lives across the hall from Chandler and Monica, in the apartment that he used to share with Chandler. Although seemingly slow witted and only interested in sex, Joey is actually a deeply sensitive man - although he hasn't had a lasting relationship. Joey's big break as an actor came when he landed the role of Dr Drake Remoray in Days of Our Lives.

    Significant Relationships

    Occupation - Actor with mixed fortunes. He has temped from Chandler, worked as a tutor for a soap opera acting class and worked as Al Pacino's butt double. However, at the moment, he has found success as Dr Drake Remoray.

Rachel Karen Green - Jennifer Aniston

    Monica: I'm Rachel! I love Ross! I hate Ross! I love Ross! I hate Ross!
    Rachel: I'm Monica! I can't get a boyfriend so I'll stumble across the hall
    and sleep with the first guy I find there!

    Rachel comes from a well-to-do background, where Daddy paid for everything. She was cut off, however, when she ran from her marriage to Barry the orthodontist who she realised would lie and cheat all the way through their marriage. It takes her a while to settle in to not having all this money behind her but when she does, she takes to her independence well. She has lived with Monica for the majority of the series, however, she now lives with Ross, after a brief stint as Joey's flatmate. Rachel's parents get divorced after her mother reveals that she envies Rachel's free life, having married a Barry of her own. Rachel has been married once, to Ross, as a result of a drunken incident in Las Vegas; More recently she has had a child, Emma Geller-Green, by Ross.

    Significant relationships
    Barry Farber (in the pilot episode his surname is given as Finkel)
    Ross Geller

    Occupation - Originally an up and coming version of an American IT girl, Rachel found a job at Central Perk as a waitress before working at Bloomingdale's. She's now settled, working at Ralph Lauren.

Phoebe Buffay - Lisa Kudrow

    Phoebe: What if the husband person is the wrong guy, and
    you are the right guy. I mean you don't get chances
    like this all the time, if you don't meet her now, you're
    gonna be kicking yourself when you're 80, which is hard to do,
    and that's how you break a hip.

    Phoebe is the spiritual, far-out member of the group - for instance, she believes that she has a friend who was reincarnated as a pencil. She sings songs of her own making in Central Perk, often with tragicomic themes. Her stepmother committed suicide, her father abandoned her when she was young and she is estranged from both her real mother and her twin sister - Ursula Pamela Buffay (of "Mad About You" fame). She has managed to reunite with her brother, Frank Jr., and was surrogate mother to his triplets. Phoebe currently lives on her own in her late grandmother's apartment.

    Significant Relationships
    Duncan (the gay, ice skating instructor that she married)
    David, Scientist Guy
    Roger, the psychiatrist
    Ryan, Navy guy.

    Occupation - A singer/songwriter/masseuse, Phoebe has also worked for Chandler and Monica.

Brief Synopsis

Series One
    Ross is a recently divorced man, after his wife realised she was a lesbian. His ex-wife later gave birth to his first child, Ben. Halfway through the series, he is caught kissing Chandler's Mum by Joey.

    Rachel runs away from her wedding day to Barry (who she later finds out went on their honeymoon with the bridesmaid, Mindy) and bumps into her old friend from High School, Monica. The pair become flatmates. She gets a job at Central Perk to help her make up the rent, but later in the season goes for an interview at Saks Fifth Avenue as an assistant buyer. Rachel also begins a relationship with Paolo, which ends after he makes a pass at Pheobe. Rachel's hapless relationships continue as she begins to date Barry once more (which is awkward as he is now engaged to Mindy).

    Monica is working as a chef at the trendy restaurant, Iridium, on 65th and Broadway.

    Season One also features Marcel the pet monkey who the gang all adore, until Ross had to send him to the zoo when he hit puberty.

    Chandler receives a promotion at work to manager, after which he promptly quits, however, when he realises that the job was a defining part of who he was, he goes back. Some co-workers think that he's gay even though he has a girlfriend (Janice "Oh. MY. GAWD!") who he is trying desperately to break up with. He also gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre.

    Joey's acting career stumbles, although he has a few gigs. He stars as Pinocchio and Sigmund Freud in the musical "Freud!". He was also, perhaps most notably, the poster boy for VD. He also "acts" as a butt double for Al Pacino.

    Pheobe is living with her Grandmother, learning aromatherapy and works as a masseuse and singer for Central Perk. We also meet Ursula Pamela Buffay (of "Mad about You"), Pheobe's twin sister, except that the two do not get along.

    The majority of the first season focuses on Ross' crush on Rachel and how he should tell her. At the end of the season, Chandler lets it slip and she decides to give it a try.

Series Two
    Ross has been madly in love with Rachel since the ninth grade. The second series begins with Rachel waiting at the airport for Ross to arrive back from China. She fully intends to tell him that she wants him too until he arrives with Julie in tow. When he found out that Rachel was interested in him (through Rachel drunkenly ringing him and telling him she was over him) he broke up with Julie but blew it with Rachel when the list of Rachel's pros and cons he made to help him decide between them fell into Rachel's hands. They eventually get over their differences after watching a video of Rachel and Monica's prom where it is clear how much Ross likes Rachel and the two became a couple.

    Mr Heckles (the guy who lived beneath Rachel and Monica's apartment) dies and leaves all of his belongings to the pair.

    Chandler and Joey babysit baby Ben for the day and lose him on a bus. At the end of the season, Chandler falls for a girl he met on the internet - who is none other than Janice.

    Monica is dating Richard Burke (a friend of her father's), who is much older than her - they break up due to Monica wanting children and Richard feels that he is too old.

    Pheobe married a Canadian gay ice-skating instructor before the series began and in Series Two we finally meet him. She also begins her search for her father after discovering that the pictures in her Grandmother's apartment are just the photos which come with the frames.

    Joey finally gets a break as Dr Drake Remoray on Days of Our Lives until the writers kill him off later in the series.

    Ross's ex-wife Carol and her lover Susan get married. Ross gives one of the brides (Susan) away.

Series Three
    Ross and Rachel break up after her busy schedule and his jealousy prove too much. By the next morning, Rachel has changed her mind, only to discover that Ross has slept with Chloe, the navel-ringed copy store girl. Rachel couldn't forgive Ross, but he claimed innocence since they were on a break. Because of their strong feelings they reconcile briefly at the beach house, even though Ross is there with sex-crazy, bald Bonnie but it isn't long before they were back to fighting about the "break".

    Joey briefly tutors a soap opera class, while Chandler gives up Janice to allow her to try again with her husband. The pair also adopt a chick and a duck.

    Monica runs into Richard at a video store and then briefly dates Pete Becker, a millionaire in the computer software industry. He even buys her a restaurant but she breaks it off after she discovers that he's an obsessively stubborn person who doesn't know when to quit.

    Pheobe meets her brother Frank Buffay Jr and his wife, Home Economics teacher, Alice. She also discovers her brith mother.

Series Four
    Joey gets a part in a Charlton Heston movie, while Chandler chats up his new girlfriend. After Chandler and Kathy share a passionate kiss, he agrees to spend Thanksgiving in a shipping crate as a penace.

    Rachel begins her new job and tries to set Chandler and her boss, Joanna up on a date. She ends up being demoted to personal shopper and meets a new date, Joshua.

    Pheobe begins a surrogate pregnancy for her brother Frank Jr. announcing her condition just after the girls lost their apartment to Joey and Chandler in a bet. The girls later get back their apartment by moving back in while the boys are out at a Knick's game.

    Ross meets Emily Waltham, a woman visiting from London. After a very short courtship they decide to get married - a good cause for the entire gang (except the pregnant Pheobe) to hike it across to London. Whilst in London, Joey meets The Duchess of York.

    At Ross and Emily's wedding Ross accidently speaks Rachel's name, planting the seed which would eventually see Rachel forgive Ross and Emily to ask Ross for a divorce.

    Monica and Phoebe launch their own catering business but Monica is offered the position of head chef at another restaurant.

    Monica briefly dates Richard Burke's son but it was all too weird. She also ends up in bed with Chandler and the two begin dating while trying to keep their relationship a secret.

Series Five
    Rachel ends up going on Ross and Emily's honeymoon to Greece alone.

    Pheobe gives birth to triplets and names them Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie and Chandler. Meanwhile, Ross tries desperately to contact Emily, who will come to live in America if Ross agrees to never see Rachel again, he agrees and nearly breaks up the group. But Ross ends up eating with the gang and Rachel - when Emily finds out they decide to end the marriage.

    Ross moves into Chandler and Joeys' apartment and immediately starts to annoy them. Joey also takes up guitar with Pheobe as his teacher.

    Emily gets married again and a distressed Ross goes out with Janice. Pheobe meets and nearly moves in with Gary. Her grandmother dies and while at the funeral, she finally meets her father.

    Monica and Chandler continue their secret relationship but, in typical style, it isn't long before the others find out.

    Joey gets the lead in a movie called "Shutter Speed", however, upon arriving on location in Las Vegas, he discovers that the film has closed due to lack of funds. This doesn't stop the rest of the gang making the trip up to see him where Monica and Chandler decide to get married, however, they are beaten to it by a very drunk Ross and Rachel. Chandler and Monica take this as a sign that they're not ready and decide to simply move in together.

Series Six
    Early in the sixth season Ross and Rachel's marriage was corrected with a divorce but not before Ross lies about getting an annulment and realises that he is still in love with Rachel.

    Rachel moves into Ross's apartment (after Chandler moves in with Monica) and discovers that they are still married so she moves in with Pheobe. Joey also gets a new flatmate in the form of Janine (Elle McPherson), after Joey and she have a brief fling, she moves out and Rachel moves in after burning down Phoebe's apartment.

    Rachel's sister Jill arrives and seduces Ross on Rachel's advice.

    Phoebe discovers that Ursula has been making porn movies using Phoebe's name, while Barry and Mindy get a divorce. Joey gets a lead role in C.H.E.E.S.E. Another notable occurance was when Rachel and Ross arranged to be their "backups" if they weren't married by the time they're 40, while Joey and Phoebe make the same agreement.

    Chandler proposes to Monica right at the end of the series in a room full of candles and roses having been nearly beaten to it by Richard.

Series Seven
    Phoebe moves into Ross's apartment and Monica's parents have spent her wedding money on a beach house - luckily Chandler has enough saved for a decent wedding, even after they accidentally invite Janice.

    Ross and Monica's parents move and when they go to collect their things, Monica discovers that Mr Geller used Monica's boxes to stop flood water getting to his Porsche.

    Rachel turns 30 and breaks up with Tag (her assistant).

    Joey regains his job on Days of Our Lives when Dr Drake Remorary comes out of his coma and also ordains himself as a minister on the Internet so that he might officiate Chandler and Monica's wedding.

    Chandler and Monica argue about who will say their vows first and head off to Vegas to find Chandler's Dad. At the rehearsal dinner the girls come across a positive pregnancy test, which they assume is Monica's, little do they know that it is actually Rachel's.

Series Eight
    Joey thinks that Phoebe is the one who is pregnant and proposes so that she wouldn't have to be a single mother but Monica tells him the truth. We soon learn that Ross fathered Rachel's child during a one night stand. Both have internal conflicts about where they want or think the relationship should go, but neither one seems to admit that they still want to be together.

    Chandler and Monica go on their honeymoon and arrive back to an arguement between Ross and Rachel about who hit on who first - which is settled after it is revealed that Ross has the encounter on video.

    Phoebe meets Ursula's fiance at a party and discovers that Ursula has lied about pretty much everything about herself, so she tells him and ends up seeing him instead.

    Rachel's Dad is angry that Ross isn't marrying Rachel and Joey develops feelings for Rachel. Ross encourages him to tell her. Sadly for Joey, the feelings are not reciprocated and he begins to work on getting Ross and Rachel back together, mainly by persuading Rachel to move back in with Ross.

    Ross's parents have told everyone that Ross and Rachel are married and so at his parents 35th wedding anniversary party Ross describes how he would propose to Rachel.

    Rachel's doctor tells them that sex might help "move things along a little" after her due date comes and goes, however, just as things start to get a bit steamy, her waters break.

    At the hospital, Monica and Chandler decide to have children and start trying there and then. Baby Emma is finally born and Ross is apparently ready to propose to Rachel. However, a strange turn of events has led Rachel to agree to marry Joey, even though he didn't really ask (nor did he intend to).

Series Nine
    After Joey's accidental proposal, Joey, Ross and Rachel figure out that noone was actually going to propose.

    Chandler falls asleep in a meeting and agrees to move to Tulsa to run the company's office there. Meanwhile, Monica is offered a great job at a Manhattan restaurant - they reach the decision that Chandler will work in Tulsa four days a week and live in New York for the other three.

    Rachel gets a male nanny to help her with Emma, while Ross makes Emma laugh by singing "Baby Got Back". Ross and Rachel both tell Amy (Rachel's sister) that she would not get custody of Emma should they die, that honour would go to Chandler and Monica.

    Chandler decides to quit his job after being stuck in Tulsa for Christmas.

I'll be there for you,
When the rain starts to pour,
I'll be there for you,
Like I've been there before,
I'll be there for you,
'cause you're there for me too...

Other Occasional Cast Members

Main Crew

    Kevin S. Bright - Executive Producer
    Marta Kauffman - Executive Producer
    Michael Curtis - Executive Producer (Season 5)
    Adam Chase - Executive Producer (1998-2000)
    David Crane - Executive Producer
    Greg Malins - Executive Producer (1998-)
    Michael Borkow - Executive Producer (1997-1998)
    David Crane - Creator
    Marta Kauffman - Creator

Episode Guide

Season One

Num Title                                         Original Air Date
101 Pilot                                                09/22/1994
102 The One With the Sonogram at the End                 09/29/1994
103 The One With the Thumb                               10/06/1994
104 The One With George Stephanopoulos                   10/13/1994
105 The One With the East German Laundry Detergent       10/20/1994
106 The One With the Butt                                10/27/1994
107 The One With the Blackout                            11/03/1994
108 The One Where Nana Dies Twice                        11/10/1994
109 The One Where Underdog Gets Away                     11/17/1994
110 The One With the Monkey                              12/15/1994
111 The One With Mrs. Bing                               01/05/1995
112 The One With the Dozen Lasagnas                      01/12/1995
113 The One With the Boobies                             01/19/1995
114 The One With the Candy Hearts                        02/09/1995
115 The One With the Stoned Guy                          02/16/1995
116 The One With Two Parts, part 1                       02/23/1995
117 The One With Two Parts, part 2                       02/23/1995
118 The One With All the Poker                           03/02/1995
119 The One Where the Monkey Gets Away                   03/09/1995
120 The One with the Evil Orthodontist                   04/06/1995
121 The One with Fake Monica                             04/27/1995
122 The One with the Ick Factor                          05/04/1995
123 The One with the Birth                               05/11/1995
124 The One where Rachel Finds Out                       05/18/1995

Second Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
201 The One With Ross' New Girlfriend                    09/21/1995
202 The One With the Breast Milk                         09/28/1995
203 The One Where Heckles Dies                           10/05/1995
204 The One With Phoebe's Husband                        10/12/1995
205 The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant             10/19/1995
206 The One With the Baby on the Bus                     11/02/1995
207 The One Where Ross Finds Out                         11/09/1995
208 The One With the List                                11/16/1995
209 The One With Phoebe's Dad                            12/14/1995
210 The One With Russ                                    01/04/1996
211 The One With The Lesbian Wedding                     01/18/1996
212 The One After the Superbowl, part 1                  01/28/1996
213 The One After the Superbowl, part 2                  01/28/1996
214 The One With The Prom Video                          02/01/1996
215 The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know             02/08/1996
216 The One Where Joey Moves Out                         02/15/1996
217 The One Where Eddie Moves In                         02/22/1996
218 The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies                       03/21/1996
219 The One Where Eddie Won't Go                         03/28/1996
220 The One Where Old Yeller Dies                        04/04/1996
221 The One With The Bullies                             04/25/1996
222 The One With Two Parties                             05/02/1996
223 The One With The Chicken Pox                         05/09/1996
224 The One With Barry & Mindy's Wedding                 05/16/1996

Third Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
301 The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy               09/19/1996
302 The One Where No One's Ready                         09/26/1996
303 The One With The Jam                                 10/03/1996
304 The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel                 10/10/1996
305 The One With Frank, Jr.                              10/17/1996
306 The One With The Flashback                           10/31/1996
307 The One With The Racecar Bed                         11/07/1996
308 The One With The Giant Poking Device                 11/14/1996
309 The One With The Football                            11/21/1996
310 The One Where Rachel Quits                           12/12/1996
311 The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister   01/09/1997
312 The One With All The Jealousy                        01/16/1997
313 The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends    01/30/1997
314 The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner                     02/06/1997
315 The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break           02/13/1997
316 The One The Morning After                            02/20/1997
317 The One Without The Ski Trip                         03/06/1997
318 The One With The Hypnosis Tape                       03/13/1997
319 The One With The Tiny T-Shirt                        03/27/1997
320 The One With The Dollhouse                           04/10/1997
321 The One With a Chick. And a Duck.                    04/17/1997
322 The One With The Screamer                            04/24/1997
323 The One With Ross's Thing                            05/01/1997
324 The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion          05/08/1997
325 The One At The Beach                                 05/15/1997

Fourth Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
401 The One With The Jellyfish                           09/25/1997
402 The One With The Cat                                 10/02/1997
403 The One With The 'Cuffs                              10/09/1997
404 The One With The Ballroom Dancing                    10/16/1997
405 The One With Joey's New Girlfriend                   10/30/1997
406 The One With The Dirty Girl                          11/06/1997
407 The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line              11/13/1997
408 The One With Chandler In A Box                       11/20/1997
409 The One Where They're Going To PARTY!                12/11/1997
410 The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie              12/18/1997
411 The One With Phoebe's Uterus                         01/08/1998
412 The One With The Embryos                             01/15/1998
413 The One With Rachel's Crush                          01/29/1998
414 The One With Joey's Dirty Day                        02/05/1998
415 The One With All The Rugby                           02/26/1998
416 The One With The Fake Party                          03/19/1998
417 The One With The Free Porn                           03/26/1998
418 The One With Rachel's New Dress                      04/02/1998
419 The One With All The Haste                           04/09/1998
420 The One With All The Wedding Dresses                 04/16/1998
421 The One With The Invitation                          04/23/1998
422 The One With The Worst Best Man Ever                 04/30/1998
423 The One With Ross's Wedding, part 1                  05/07/1998
424 The One With Ross's Wedding, part 2                  05/07/1998

Fifth Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
501 The One After Ross Says Rachel                       09/24/1998
502 The One With All The Kissing                         10/01/1998
503 The One With The Triplets                            10/08/1998
504 The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS                       10/15/1998
505 The One With The Kips                                10/29/1998
506 The One With The Yeti                                11/05/1998
507 The One Where Ross Moves In                          11/12/1998
508 The One With All The Thanksgivings                   11/19/1998
509 The One With Ross's Sandwich                         12/10/1998
510 The One With The Inappropriate Sister                12/17/1998
511 The One With All The Resolutions                     01/07/1999
512 The One With Chandler's Work Laugh                   01/21/1999
513 The One With Joey's Bag                              02/04/1999
514 The One Where Everybody Finds Out                    02/11/1999
515 The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey                  02/18/1999
516 The One With The Cop                                 02/25/1999
517 The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss               03/18/1999
518 The One Where Rachel Smokes                          04/08/1999
519 The One Where Ross Can't Flirt                       04/22/1999
520 The One With The Ride-Along                          04/29/1999
521 The One With The Ball                                05/06/1999
522 The One With Joey's Big Break                        05/13/1999
523 The One In Vegas, Part 1                             05/20/1999
524 The One In Vegas, Part 2                             05/20/1999

Sixth Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
601 The One After Vegas                                  09/23/1999
602 The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel                       09/30/1999
603 The One With Ross's Denial                           10/07/1999
604 The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance               10/14/1999
605 The One With Joey's Porsche                          10/21/1999
606 The One On The Last Night                            11/04/1999
607 The One Where Phoebe Runs                            11/11/1999
608 The One With Ross's Teeth                            11/18/1999
609 The One Where Ross Got High                          11/25/1999
610 The One With The Routine                             12/16/1999
611 The One With The Apothecary Table                    01/06/2000
612 The One With The Joke                                01/13/2000
613 The One With Rachel's Sister                         02/03/2000
614 The One Where Chandler Can't Cry                     02/10/2000
615 The One That Could Have Been, part 1                 02/17/2000
616 The One That Could Have Been, part 2                 02/17/2000
617 The One With Unagi                                   02/24/2000
618 The One Where Ross Dates a Student                   03/09/2000
619 The One With Joey's Fridge                           03/23/2000
620 The One With Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E.                      04/13/2000
621 The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad             04/27/2000
622 The One Where Paul's The Man                         05/04/2000
623 The One With The Ring                                05/11/2000
624 The One With The Proposal, part 1                    05/18/2000
625 The One With The Proposal, part 2                    05/18/2000

Seventh Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
701 The One With Monica's Thunder                        10/12/2000
702 The One With Rachel's Book                           10/12/2000
703 The One With Phoebe's Cookies                        10/19/2000
704 The One With Rachel's Assistant                      10/26/2000
705 The One With The Engagement Picture                  11/02/2000
706 The One With The Nap Partners                        11/09/2000
707 The One With Ross's Library Book                     11/16/2000
708 The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs             11/23/2000
709 The One With All The Candy                           12/07/2000
710 The One With the Holiday Armadillo                   12/14/2000
711 The One With All The Cheesecakes                     01/04/2001
712 The One Where They're Up All Night                   01/11/2001
713 The One Where Rosita Dies                            02/01/2001
714 The One Where They All Turn Thirty                   02/08/2001
715 The One With Joey's New Brain                        02/15/2001
716 The One With The Truth About London                  02/22/2001
717 The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress                 03/15/2001
718 The One With Joey's Award                            03/29/2001
719 The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin                04/19/2001
720 The One With Rachel's Big Kiss                       04/26/2001
721 The One With The Vows                                05/03/2001
722 The One With Chandler's Dad                          05/10/2001
723 The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part 1   05/17/2001
724 The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part 2   05/17/2001

Eighth Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
801 The One After "I Do"                                 09/27/2001
802 The One With The Red Sweater                         10/04/2001
803 The One Where Rachel Tells...                        10/11/2001
804 The One With The Video Tape                          10/18/2001
805 The One With Rachel's Date                           10/25/2001
806 The One With The Halloween Party                     11/01/2001
807 The One With The Stain                               11/08/2001
808 The One With The Stripper                            11/15/2001
809 The One With The Rumor                               11/22/2001
810 The One With Monica's Boots                          12/06/2001
811 The One With Ross' Step Forward                      12/13/2001
812 The One Where Joey Dates Rachel                      01/10/2002
813 The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath                  01/17/2002
814 The One With The Secret Closet                       01/31/2002
815 The One With The Birthing Video                      02/07/2002
816 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel                      02/28/2002
817 The One With The Tea Leaves                          03/07/2002
818 The One In Massapequa                                03/28/2002
819 The One With Joey's Interview                        04/04/2002
820 The One With The Baby Shower                         04/25/2002
821 The One With The Cooking Class                       05/02/2002
822 The One Where Rachel is Late                         05/09/2002
823 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, part 1              05/16/2002
824 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, part 2              05/16/2002

Ninth Season

Num Title                                         Original Air Date 
901 The One Where No One Proposes                        09/26/2002
902 The One Where Emma Cries                             10/03/2002
903 The One With the Pediatrician                        10/10/2002
904 The One With the Sharks                              10/17/2002
905 The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner                10/31/2002
906 The One With the Male Nanny                          11/07/2002
907 The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song               11/14/2002
908 The One With Rachel's Other Sister                   11/21/2002
909 The One With Rachel's Phone Number                   12/05/2002
910 The One With Christmas in Tulsa                      12/12/2002

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I realise that this node is far from complete - if I were to add a list of everyone who's directed an episode or all the stars who have appeared briefly in Friends, this node would go on forever! So if you feel that there is something which is missing from this node, please msg me and I'll gladly add it on.

Thanks to BrooksMarlin who informs me that season nine is not to be the last as I had originally thought.

And thanks to Walter who rightly points out that the Knicks are not a band but a basketball team.

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