Phoebe Buffay is character played by Lisa Kudrow on the TV show Friends. She has long been my favorite character, and seems much more realistic than any of the others, at least she does once you get past the surface level.

Phoebe is a very ditzy, very lovable thin blonde. She is a vegetarian, although at one point she temporarily ate meat while she was pregnant. Joey gave up eating meat so she could. That way no more animals would die, and Phoebe could justify eating them, especially since Joey normally ate a lot of meat! Phoebe had quite a difficult life in the years before the show. She lost most of her family, was orphaned, and homeless at one point. She often mentions people from this past period of her life, but we seldom get to meet them. In all the confusion about her past, she had apparently forgotten how old she actually was, and found out on her 30th birthday that she was actually 31.

Phoebe gives massages for a living. She has also been a waitress and has even tried to make a living as a musician. Phoebe has a twin sister Ursula who is very much her evil twin. Ursula was acting in porn movies using Phoebe's name for a while. The Ursula character actually predates the entire sitcom, as she was a waitress on the show Mad About You.

Phoebe also has a half brother Frank who is very much a male version of her. She even acted as the surrogate mother for Frank and his wife so they could have triplets.

Phoebe has quite a lot of very strange habits and beliefs. For example, she truly believes that someone dies everytime she goes to the dentist and she was once convinced that her dead mother was inside a cat. Even with all of her quirks she really comes off as a genuine person. She has harbored a secret crush on Joey for years. This crush can be seen in nearly every episode, although it is often very subtle. Of course now it appears that the writers are never going to put Phoebe and Joey together the way that they should have. This is probably the main reason I stopped watching television.

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