We beheld a city of hypnotic scents and rhythms looping trails of lights like fireflies swirling around spectacular buildings air vibrating with thousands of voices chattering like crickets electrocuted tumbleweed on power lines interiors washed with overlaid sound cool-air-swept and timeless deep pile carpets and mysterious dials interfaces for minds obsessed with chance randomly built from desert ground randomly filled with purchased anticulture

ten days could have turned into a year until fallen from unreal horses we wither as the unarguable earth drains us reminding us about scale and size and time the labyrinth of dreams and canyons and dreams of canyons and deserts apparently beaten back that reappear as dreamed deserts crowding the psyches as lights and sounds deserts in which soul water disappears and Jerusalem and Babylon become one

the soulless mind craves shining things the thrill of risk and reward in the glands hormones racing through tired veins the heat, the cold, the heavy blue silence and the endless dark layers of music the mind wants to be seduced over and over led through stranger and brighter ways labyrinths of the real to match the endless unreal dreamscape of every night and led by the mind we risk being truly lost becoming one of the unreal, shining things a mirror image of a vanished someone, dark energy rushing through hardened arteries

and God hardened Pharaoh's heart and the plagues were called down and the seas were ripped back from the sand blood in the rivers and corpses in beds and no land of milk and honey, only sun-hot rocks, prophecy and stricture, holy cities raped by every soldier nation and the invincible, eternal desert uber alles

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