is there a brain hooked up
or are you an independent agent, blind

I did not invite you in,
I will not evict.
you do not irritate without proximity
but feeling you crawl does make me crawl.
weren't you more at home in the gutter.

my hands plus a little force
could end you.
it would be your last loud noise.
would stain my fingers.

keep creep around.
seek your own dark corner.

CAUTION: Warning signs have not been installed
Do Not Attempt.



When these insects

become troublesome in the house,

put some small lumps of quick lime

into the chinks or holes of the wall

from whence they issue,

or scatter it on the ground.

Or at night,

lay a spoonful of treacle on a piece of wood,

and float it in a pan of water:

beetles are so fond of syrup,

that they will be drowned in attempting

to get at it. The common black beetle

may also be extirpated by

placing a hedgehog in the room,

during the summer nights;

or by laying a bundle of pea straw near their holes,

and afterwards burning it

when the beetles have crept into it.

Source (excerpted from):
The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all its Various Branches,
Adapted to the Use of Private Families: also a Variety of Original and Valuable information
by Mrs. Mary Eaton 1823

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