The medical way to measure how fat you are is the BMI or Body Mass Index, which is simply measured by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height, in metres.

A BMI of between 20-25 is considered the healthy weight range. A BMI below 18 is considered anorexic and above 30 is definitely obese.

Being obese has other noticable effects, I remember when I was rather corpulent, some of these effects are not obvious. While it is clear that fat people are sluggish, they are also very light on their feet. You will hardly ever see a fat person stomp about the place. Also because of their girth, and weight, they often have an incredible sense of balance. Their stability is increased by the fact that their centre of gravity is almost through the floor.

Most fat people aren't really that fat. Remember that muscle tissue wieghs much more than fat tissue because it is more dense. (obviously) Consequently fat people tend to be rather strong, excellent leg muscles, and possibly arm muscles as well. Also obesity creeps up on the person. There is no one day that you look into the mirror, and say "I am fat." It's more a case of hmmm... should I do some exercise today? Nah... can't. Too much on. Until finally the day comes and you realize that you have a mountain to climb, and the mountain is you.

Still, it doesn't have as devastating an effect as is often displayed in the media. While I was fat, I found that people weren't any more cruel to me, nor did people outcast me. In fact, I found that those people who would ordinarily have hung around me for no other reason than I looked cool disappeared into the mist, and I was left with people who liked what they saw on the inside.

Interesting. Maybe Jolly fat people are that way because they have such good friends. Dating was a bit of a problem. Romance and friendship, despite what the media says, are worlds apart. And also, I realized that the only reason I wasn't as fit as I should be was laziness, so if I did meet the girl of my dreams I wanted to look and feel my best. So I became thin, (ish) and I feel pretty good. Though not that much better than before.

The whole thing isn't as big a problem as people make out. (pun intended) Just stop being self-concious, and realize there is more to your life than your waistline. Then you stop becoming a fat person, and return to being a person who just happens to be fat at the moment. The difference is crucial.

O*bese" (?). a. [L. obesus eaten away, lean; also, that has eaten itself fat, fat, stout, p.p. of obedere to devour; ob (see Ob-) + edere to eat. See Eat.]

Excessively corpulent; fat; fleshy.


© Webster 1913.

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